About Us


Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is established by the incorporeal God-Father Shiv (the Supreme Soul) to renew the Old world. God comes in this time (Sangam Yug/ Confluence Age), an age or time period between Iron Age (Kaliyug) and Satyug (Golden Age) only. God's role is to re-establish the world which is remembered by us as Heaven. When the sun rises, night finishes and the day begins. God is sun of knowledge and also an ocean of knowledge.

Now is the time of such a transformation, which is only 'once' in the whole Kalpa (cycle of 5000 years). When all the world is corrupt, vicious and in sorrow, God has to come to free all Souls, his children from sorrow. God is our Supreme Father, Supreme teacher, a guide, a friend and everyone that we need for. We have a beautiful loving relationship with Him and therefore we all pray and remember him in many ways in our difficult times. Read About God (name, form, task, incarnation)  As have we heard from Him in His Murli, Shiv baba's own words.
  As His children, we lovingly recognize and call Him 'baba'. Baba in English means Father. So in accurate way, we call 'Shiv Baba' ~Shiv is the name. 'Shiv' means ever-benefactor.  He comes to do good to everyone, as everyone is His child, not only a few.

God is one, the Supreme Soul. That Supreme being (Soul) is detached from this World Cycle of 4 Ages. We are Souls who comes to play our part in this World Drama. God does not take a body like us. To put it in a simple way, Baba has said in Murlis, that He is the creator and director of this play (Drama) and we all Souls as Actors, but we all Souls write our own destiny (role) with our Karma (actions). We play our roles according to our Sanskaras (nature). Now understand this deep wisdom about this, that Sanskaras are made from our repeated Karma, either good or bad. If someone repeats having more and more desires (desire of wealth for example) than that becomes the Sanskar of that Soul. Now the same Soul will take his next birth in such a place and circumstances that his desires get an oppotunity to grow more (means he will take a birth in a low-income family). See now why our ancestors (sages, saints) had written that 'Desire is the root of sorrow'

Now has time came again when God plays his role to re-establish the world of Peace, Purity, love and happiness which we remember as 'heaven God says realise the true Self and remember me alone now. Remembering me, you will get purified from your sins and then only you can come to me. Only those Souls which are purified by Yog (remembrance of Supreme father God, the purifier) and thus purified, you will then come to live in New world (Golden Age)  Now we have to decide our own fortune.. Baba is with every child and is Almighty with all powers. Our victory is predestined.. just follow the given Shrimat (most beneficial advice)