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Brahma Kumaris Murli 15 December 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 15 December 2021

 15/12/21 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, a high status is basis on how you study and stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Therefore, gallop as much as you want.


What deep secrets must you not explain at first and why?


Don't explain the secrets of the drama first of all because many become confused by it. They say that if it is in the drama, they will receive the kingdom automatically and they will automatically make effort. Because of not understanding the secrets of knowledge fully, they become careless. They don't understand that they can't even take water without making effort.


No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 15 December 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 15 December 2021 (ENGLISH) 

Om shanti.

Good morning sweetest, spiritual children. Baba said “Good morning” to all the children with so much enthusiasm, but you children didn't respond. You children should speak out even louder. The spiritual Father says “Good morning” to the spiritual children. You children know that you are saying “Good morning” to the spiritual Father in this body. Therefore, children, you should speak with enthusiasm: Wah Baba! At last, today, the day has come, the One to whom the whole world is calling out, that Father, is personally saying “Good morning” to us. Later, when you become satopradhan, you won't remember the Purifier. You are now tamopradhan and that is why you remember Him: O Purifier, come! Come and purify us! You now know that the Purifier Baba definitely has to come. He alone is the Supreme Father, God, the Father. Christ cannot be called the Supreme Father. Christ is believed to be the Son of God. That One is the most supreme of all. You also understand that God, the Father, sends all the messengers down. It is also definite that the Supreme Father has to come to purify all those who are impure. However, He is incorporeal. It is said that He carries out establishment through Brahma. No one knows what the relationship between Brahma and Vishnu is. The incorporeal One definitely needs a mouth which is why this one is called The Lucky Chariot (Bhagirath). He would only explain with a mouth. He gives the direction: Manmanabhav! So, He would definitely say this with a mouth. There can be no question of inspiration in this. The Father sits here and explains the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures to you through Brahma. The essence of everything is extracted. It is sung: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. So, He enters this one and gives you knowledge. A lot of things have to be understood. Prajapita Brahma is also called the father. So, where is the mother? The Father sits here and explains: This one is the Father of People and also the mother. I am the Father of all souls. I alone am called God, the Father. The people of Bharat say: You are the Mother and Father, but they don't understand the meaning of it. How can the incorporeal One be called a mother? He enters this one and adopts you. Therefore, this Brahma becomes the mother. He creates the divine creation through this one. This one is the adopted mother, whereas He is the Father. That One is then shown as Nandigan, the bull. They never show a cow. These are very wonderful matters. When new people come, everything has to be explained in detail to them. Otherwise, they won't be able to understand these things. Those who have shrewd intellects are able to understand quickly. Some who are only a month old are able to go faster than those who have been around for 30 years. Therefore, don't think that you have come late. The Father says: Children, make effort! Those who go to college and study well gallop ahead. It is the same here. Everything depends on how you study and have remembrance. You children know that souls are satopradhan in the incorporeal world. Tamopradhan souls cannot go there. All the actors come onto the stage according to their own parts. The drama is created in this way. In a limited drama there would be 50 or 60 actors. Here, this is such an unlimited drama. Baba has opened the locks on our intellects. You now understand that Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of the world. They were so wealthy; they were masters of the world for half the cycle. It is called the undivided kingdom. There is just one religion there. That is the kingdom of Rama whereas this is the kingdom of Ravan. Vices don't exist in the kingdom of Rama. In fact, it is called God's kingdom. God is not called Rama. Many people turn the beads of a rosary in the name of Rama, but they still remember God. The name ‘Rama’ is right, because no one knows what the name and form of God are. People are very confused. They don’t know who Ravan is. They spend so much money on burning Ravan. Earlier, they used to invite people from abroad to come and see Dashera, the burning of Ravan. Look how powerful science is at this time! This science gives happiness and also cause sorrow. The happiness received from it is only temporary. It is through this science that this world is to be destroyed. Therefore, this is sorrow, is it not? You have silence power and they have science power. You stay in your original religion with silence and you thereby become pure. Sins are absolved by having remembrance. You claim your kingdom with the power of yoga. It is not a question of a war etc. in this. You claim the inheritance of the kingdom from Baba. The question of physical power is a different matter altogether. You children become pure from impure every cycle and then, from pure you become impure. This is a drama about victory and defeat. However, these things don't sit in everyone's intellect. Not everyone will go to heaven. The unlimited Father only explains to His children. Those of other religions only come later. This is an old world and the foundation of the deity religion is decayed. You cannot say that the foundation didn't exist; it did exist, but it no longer exists; it has disappeared. There are now innumerable religions and this is called the kingdom of Ravan. They say that Brahma emerged from the navel of Vishnu. Ask anyone what the meaning of that picture is and they won't be able to tell you. There is just one soul. That one is called Vishnu. They also show the land of Vishnu. This is the confluence age, the land of Brahma. Prajapita Brahma is definitely required. Brahmins are the topknot. The picture of the variety-form image specifically refers to the people of Bharat. Because so many people of many different religions reside in Bharat, it is also called the tree of the variety of religions. This is the human world tree but there is a variety of religions within it. First of all, there is deityism, then Islam. These are Brahmins. No one knows about the confluence age. This is the most auspicious confluence age. It is the most auspicious Brahmin religion when you do social service. You children are called spiritual social workers. There are many social workers in Bharat and they too are taught how to serve with humility. Those who were staunch followers of the Congress Party even used to sweep floors; they would even clean toilets etc. Those who were very staunch never ate off porcelain plates. Whatever happened in the past was in the drama. The same things will repeat. When people don't understand these things they become confused. This is why the secrets of the drama mustn't be explained to anyone in the beginning. They would then say: If it is fixed in the drama, we will automatically receive the kingdom, so we will also make effort automatically. There are those who are careless. They don't understand the secrets of knowledge fully. Oh! You can't even get water without making effort! Water will not enter your mouth by itself. The Father comes to purify the impure. He comes and shows you an easy way: In order to purify your soul, remember Me and your sins will be absolved. The Father gives you shrimat in order to purify you: Remember Me! However, since He is incorporeal, He would definitely come in a corporeal form to give you shrimat. The Father says: This body is fixed for Me; it cannot be changed. It is also fixed and remembered that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, enables the establishment of heaven to be carried out through Brahma. These are the versions of God. Therefore, a mouth is needed for Him to speak. One cannot study through inspiration. The Father comes and gives you directions through this one. Brahma did not have these pictures made. He too is an effort-maker. He is not the knowledge-full One. He used to belong to the path of devotion. God alone has to uplift the devotees. He comes and gives the fruit of devotion. He changes you children from human beings into deities. The Father enters this one and teaches you Raja Yoga. That One's name is Shiv Baba. He says: This birth of Mine is divine and unique. My part of coming only takes place once, at the confluence age. It isn't that when you souls call out, I come. When it is the time for Me to come, there can be no difference of even a second earlier or later. I come at My accurate time. I don't have physical organs that I would hear your call. This drama is predestined. When it is the time, I come to purify the impure. It isn't that God hears us shouting out to Him. Many children say to Baba: Baba, You are Janijananhar (One who knows everything). Tell me, will I pass my examination? Will this work be accomplished? Baba says: I come to show impure ones the way to become pure. I will only play the part that I have to play. I will not tell you what I am not supposed to tell. I don't come to tell you those things. I too am tied by the bond of the drama. Each one's part is fixed in the drama. Those whose intellects don't have faith are not worthy of going to heaven; they would speak in that way anyway. However, the souls who are part of the sun and moon dynasties will definitely come and listen to Baba and claim the inheritance. Those who don't make a lot of effort will also definitely go to heaven, but they will first experience punishment and then claim some status. Many tell Baba that they will become part of the sun dynasty or they will become Narayan. However, you children should also make that much effort. One has to have the power to follow Baba. It is said: Follow the father. Therefore, look how this one surrendered; he surrendered everything to God. Surrender everything to God and finish your attachment to it. Many emerged from the bhatthi in the beginning. Such a bhatthi cannot take place now. Mothers and kumaris go ahead in this task and, in that too, the kumaris can go ahead faster. Forget your bodies and your bodily relations because you now have to return home. The Father says: Now, remember Me! The play is coming to an end and very little time remains. Just as there are lovers and beloveds, so that Baba is the Beloved, not a lover. The Father says: You have become impure and you therefore have to remember Me. I have not become impure that I should remember you. I am simply showing the way you have to follow. Continue to remove your attachment to this world. You now have to return home. You have this knowledge in your intellects. Those bodies are old. In the golden age you will receive bodies that are free from disease. We will be beautiful then. Only you know how you become beautiful from ugly. They have portrayed Rama as ugly. They even have a Shiva lingam made of black stone. He never becomes impure. He is ever pure and so He should be made of white stone. Baba says: Make such pictures that they attract people as soon as they see them. So many pictures are printed in the newspapers. Your pictures are not printed. Baba makes you children clever from senseless. Who made Lakshmi and Narayan so clever? The Father made them that through yoga. You children have received this knowledge which you have to spread. Also churn the ocean of knowledge. The Government spends so much money on the public. Here, whatever belongs to you belongs to the Father and whatever is the Father's belongs to you. The Father says: I am the Altruistic Server. I am the Bestower. Don't think that you are giving to Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba makes you into the masters of the world for 21 births. That Father doesn't take, He only gives. Baba is the Bestower. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Just as Father Brahma surrendered, so follow the father in the same way. Surrender everything you have to God, become a trustee and end all attachment.

2. Even if you have come last, in order to go fast, pay full attention to having remembrance and studying.


May you be equal, complete and perfect by merging the ashes of your old sanskars into the ocean of your complete and perfect stage.

In order to become complete and perfect and equal to the Father, destroy your weaknesses and defects before the destruction of the world. Make yourself so bright that no name or trace of any confusion remains. When you take a new birth, everything of your previous life is forgotten. In the same way, burn the old things and old sanskars and merge those ashes into the ocean of your complete and perfect stage. You will then be said to be equal, complete and perfect.


Learn the magic of merging any expansion into its essence and you will become equal to the Father.

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