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Brahma Kumaris Murli 09 December 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 09 December 2021

 09/12/21 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the Father has come to teach you Raja Yoga. Only the Father, no bodily being, can teach you Raja Yoga.


What do you attain and what don't you attain by performing intense devotion?


When someone performs intense devotion, he has visions. However, no one can receive salvation or return home through them. No one, apart from the Father, can take you back home. You know about this predestined drama and you have the accurate knowledge of souls. It is souls who become residents of heaven and residents of hell.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 09 December 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 09 December 2021 (ENGLISH) 

Om shanti.

The spiritual Father has explained the meaning of ‘Om shanti’ to you spiritual children. “Om” can also mean “I”. I, this soul, and my body are two things. The soul said, "Om shanti", that is, peace is my original religion. The residence of souls is the land of peace, the supreme abode. That is the incorporeal world. This is the world of corporeal human beings. Each soul is in a human body; a body is made up of the five elements. Souls are imperishable and never die. Who is the Father of souls? The fathers of bodies are all different, whereas the Father of all souls is the one Father, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and His real name is Shiva. It is first said, “Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiva”, and then, “Salutations to the deity Brahma and to the deity Vishnu.” They cannot be called God. The highest of all is the incorporeal Supreme Soul, then there are the subtle deities and then all human beings who are here. The question arises: What is the form of a soul? People worship Shiva in Bharat and continue to sing, “Shiva Kashi, Shiva Kashi.” Those people make lingams. Some make them big and some make them small, but as is the form of a soul, so the form of the Supreme Soul. The Supreme and the Soul put together refer to God. Some say of God that He is eternal light and others say He is the brahm element. The Father explains: Just as you souls are points, so, too, My form is also a point. When people worship Rudra, they create a lingam image. They make a big lingam to represent Shiva and smaller ones to represent saligrams. Humans neither have accurate knowledge of souls nor of the Supreme Soul. So, what sort of human beings are they? All have the five vices in them. They become body conscious and continue to hurt one another. These vices cause sorrow. When someone dies, others experience sorrow. That too is like a thorn pricking. No human being has realisation of either souls or the Supreme Soul. Their faces are of human beings but their characters are full of vices. This is why they are called the Ravan community because this is the kingdom of Ravan. Everyone says: We want the kingdom of Rama. The Kaurava, Pandava and Yadava communities are mentioned in the Gita. You children are now studying Raja Yoga. Shri Krishna cannot teach Raja Yoga; he is the prince of the golden age. His praise is: Full of all virtues…. Each one's duty and praise are different. The duty of a President is different from that of a Prime Minister. That One is the Highest on High, the unlimited Father. Only human beings would know His duty; animals wouldn’t know it. When human beings become tamopradhan, they continue to abuse one another. This is the old world of the iron age and it is called hell. It is called the vicious world. The golden age is called the viceless world. The soul says through these organs, “I want the kingdom of Rama. O Purifier Father, come and purify us! Take us to the land of peace and the land of happiness.” The Father explains: The play of happiness and sorrow has been created. Those who are defeated by Maya are defeated by the whole world and those who have victory over Maya have victory over the whole world. People don't know the occupation of those whom they worship at all. That is called blind faith; it is the worship of dolls. It is like children playing with dolls; they play with them and then break them. They say, “Salutations to the Supreme Soul, Shiva”, but they don't understand the meaning of it. Shiva is the highest-on-high Father. Brahma is called the Father of People. People means the human world. Shiva is the Father of souls. Everyone has two fathers. However, the Father of all souls is Shiva and He is also called the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. He is also called the Benevolent One. People sing praise of the deities, “You are full of all virtues. We are degraded sinners. We have no virtues.” They are those with completely degraded intellects. The deities had very clean and pure intellects. Here, all are impure and vicious and this is why they adopt gurus. A guru is one who grants salvation. A guru is adopted by someone in the stage of retirement. People say, “I want to go to God.” They don't speak of the stage of retirement in the golden age. There, you are aware that you will shed your body and take another. Here, people adopts gurus in order to attain liberation. However, no one can go there. All the gurus belong to the path of devotion. All the scriptures belong to the path of devotion too. The Father explains that there is only the one Father and He is God. How could human beings be called God? Here, they continue to call everyone God, “Sai Baba is God, I am God, You are God”! They say God is in the pebbles and stones, in everything. So, this means they have stone intellects. Previously, you too had stone intellects and were residents of hell. You are now at the confluence age. All the praise is of the confluence age. People celebrate the month of charity, the month for becoming elevated, but no one becomes an elevated human being in that month. You are now becoming deities from human beings; you are becoming such elevated human beings! The Father says: I come at the confluence age of the cycle to make Bharat elevated. It is also explained to you children: Just as a soul is a point, so the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is also a point. It is said: A wonderful star sparkles in the centre of the forehead. The soul is subtle. It can be realised with the intellect, but cannot be seen with the eyes. It can be seen in a divine vision. For instance, when someone performs intense devotion, he has a vision, but what did he receive through that? Nothing at all! There cannot be salvation through visions. Only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation and the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. This whole world is vicious. No one can go to heaven just by having a vision. Someone worshipped Shiva and received a vision, but what happened then? No one, apart from the Father, can take you back home. This drama is predestined. They say, “That which is predestined is taking place,” but they don't understand the meaning of that at all. They don't even have knowledge of souls. They say that every soul takes 8.4 million births and the one human birth is the most valuable birth within that. However, there is nothing like that. Human beings have big parts. It is human beings who become residents of heaven and human beings who become residents of hell. Bharat was the most elevated land when it was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. There were very few human beings there; there was one religion and one direction. Bharat was the master of the whole world and there were no other religions. This is a study. Who is teaching you? God speaks: Through this Raja Yoga, I make you into kings of kings. To whom did God speak the Gita? What happened through the Gita? No one knows this. After the Gita, there is the Mahabharata. Raja Yoga is mentioned in the Gita. God speaks: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be burnt away. This is the meaning of “Manmanabhav”. The Father says: You, who belonged to the sun dynasty and were worthy of worship, have become worshippers and are part of the shudra dynasty. Only you children know the meaning of the variety-form image. They have removed Brahmins from the variety-form image that they show. Brahmins are remembered very well; they are the children of Prajapita Brahma. The Father creates His creation through Brahma. He adopts you. You are the highest Brahmins. God, the Highest on High, created you. He is the Father of all. He is also the Father of Brahma. He is the Father of the whole of creation. All of the creation are brothers. The inheritance is received from the Father, not from brothers. The birthday of Shiva is celebrated. Shiv Baba also entered the body of Brahma 5000 years ago; He established the deity religion. Only Brahmins studied Raja Yoga. You are now studying it. At first, Bharat was the Temple of Shiva. Shiv Baba created Shivalaya (heaven) and it was only the people of Bharat who used to rule in heaven. Where are they ruling now? It is now the impure world of hell. No one understands that they are residents of hell. They say, “So-and-so died and became a resident of heaven.” Therefore, they should consider themselves to be residents of hell. The Father says: I made you children into residents of heaven 5000 years ago. At first you were very wealthy and the masters of the whole world, and so it must definitely have been God who made you that. God speaks: I make you into kings of kings. Therefore, subjects as well as kings will surely be created. For half the cycle, it is the day, heaven, and for the other half, it is the night, hell. Brahma would come here once, would he not? The Father is everyone's spiritual Guide. He takes everyone back. You will not return to the land of death from there. Only the one Father is the Stick for the Blind. The Father explains: Children, this kingdom of Ravan is going to be destroyed. This is the same Mahabharat War. People do not understand anything. It is the people of Bharat who become worthy of worship and it is they themselves who become worshippers. As they come down the ladder, they go onto the path of sin and become worshippers. At first, all of you were worthy of worship and belonged to the sun dynasty. Then, there were two degrees less and you became part of the moon dynasty. Then, as you continued to come down, you became worshippers. First of all, Shiva is worshipped and that is called unadulterated worship. The Father says: Remember the one incorporeal Father and don’t remember any corporeal beings. People call out: O Purifier, come and purify us! How could anyone, other than I, purify you? It is shown in the picture of the ladder what is at the end of the iron age. People worship the five elements. Sages and holy men make spiritual endeavour for the brahm element. None of them exists in the golden age. The whole drama is based on Bharat. You take 84 births. Here, you don't have any tall stories of the path of devotion. This is a study. Here, you receive teachings to remember the one Father. You mustn't even remember Brahma, Vishnu or Shankar. Don't remember any bodily beings. You children also say: Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. The Father also says: Children, while living at home with your family, become as pure as a lotus. Only I, the Father, am called the Purifier. So how could human beings be gurus? They cannot go back themselves, so how could they take others back? None of them merges into the light either. All those who play parts here take rebirth here. All of you are brides. You remember the one Beloved. He is the Merciful One, the Liberator. It is because there is sorrow here that they remember Him. No one remembers Him in the golden age. The Father says: My part is only at the confluence age, but they have written the words wrongly and said that I come in every age. No one knows about this benevolent most auspicious confluence age. The first and foremost thing is to know the Father. How else could you claim your inheritance from the Father? The inheritance cannot be received from the creation. The Father has adopted you through Brahma. People don't know how so many people can be created. He is the Father of People. No one even knows whether Saraswati is a mother or a daughter. Your mother is incognito. Shiv Baba adopts you through Brahma. You are Raj Rishis. “Rishi” is a word that signifies purity. Sannyasis are hatha yogis. They cannot teach Raja Yoga. The Gita they relate belongs to the path of devotion. They have made so many Gitas. The Father says: Children, neither do I teach you in Sanskrit, nor is it a question of verses etc. I come and teach you Raja Yoga through which you become pure and become the masters of the pure world. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Do not remember any bodily beings. Make the lesson firm, "Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other."

2. Become a spiritual guide, like the Father, and show everyone the way home. Become a stick for the blind.


May you finish the complaint of having waste thoughts with the method of constantly keeping busy and become completely karmateet.

Storms of waste thoughts become obstacles to your becoming completely karmateet. In order to finish this complaint of waste thoughts, keep your mind busy at every moment. Learn the art of booking your time. Make a programme where you have to keep your mind busy throughout the whole day. Keep your mind busy in four things every day. 1. Meeting (heart to heart conversation). 2. Speaking (doing service). 3. Being absorbed in love. 4. Having deep love. By doing this, your time will be used in a worthwhile way and the complaint of waste will finish.


Those who consider success to be their Godly birthright are able to stay constantly happy.

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