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Brahma Kumaris Murli 06 December 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 06 December 2021

 06/12/21 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, never take back something you have given in donation. If you take it back, instead of your receiving blessings, you will be cursed.


Which firm faith must you have to be able to face any opposition?* Words that Baba spoke in English are shown in italics.


If you have the faith that you have found God, you have to have your sins absolved by remembering Him and also claim the sovereignty of the world, all opposition will end and you will have the power to face anything. When faith is lacking, you become confused. Then, they leave knowledge and become engaged in devotion.


Having found You, we have found the whole world. The earth and sky all belong to us.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 06 December 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 06 December 2021 (ENGLISH) 

Om shanti.

Who listens to this song? You children listen to it and you also understand the meaning of it. All the people who listen to it also become the masters of the world. Just as all the people of Bharat say, "Our Bharat", similarly there, too, all the kings, queens and subjects consider themselves to be the masters of the world. When the Europeans came, they too said that they were the masters of Hindustan. At that time, those who lived in Hindustan didn't say they were the masters of Hindustan; they were slaves. The whole kingdom was in the hands of the British. Ravan had snatched away our fortune of the kingdom. We now want our kingdom back. This is a foreign kingdom. It is sung: “The Resident of the faraway land”. You are now claiming your kingdom back. You are not fighting for anyone else. You are doing everything for yourselves. Armies fight for their President or Prime Minister. They are the ones who are important people. They have very good intoxication and, even now, they say: Our Bharat. However, the people of Bharat don’t know that this kingdom is not theirs. This is Ravan’s kingdom and we are living in it. In the kingdom of Rama, we would not say that this is a foreign kingdom. It is now Ravan's kingdom over the whole of Bharat. There used to be the kingdom of Rama, the kingdom of the deities, but not any more. You know that you are claiming your kingdom back again after 5000 years. From whom? From the Father, the Supreme Soul. When you speak of Rama, people become confused. This is why it is better to say "The unlimited Father". The word "Father" is very sweet. “Father” reminds you of your inheritance. Everything, apart from the one Father, has to be forgotten. We souls are claiming our inheritance from the Father. The Father comes and makes you soul conscious. I am a soul. I, the soul, am so tiny, so subtle. A part of 84 births is recorded within me. Human beings with gross intellects neither know this nor can they explain this. We are claiming our inheritance from Baba. It is so easy, but Maya makes you forget. This is why you children have to make effort. There is no question of weapons or bombs in this. Neither do you have to learn any drill etc., nor do you have to take up any scriptures. You simply have to remember Baba. Imbibe whatever the Father tells you. We are claiming our fortune of the kingdom. Just as actors in a play finish their roles, change their costumes and go back home, in the same way, your intellects are aware that this play is about to end. We now have to become bodiless and return home. We play our parts every 5000 years. We rule for half a cycle and then become slaves for half a cycle. You children are not given a lot of difficulty. There should just be remembrance in your intellects. Make as much effort as possible and don't forget this. The play is now coming to an end. Very little time remains and we have to return home. While talking about these things to yourself, you will become pure and then return home. Each one of you children can know how much you remember Baba. Whether you write a chart or not, your intellects still remain aware of what you did throughout the whole day. Just as businessmen check their income at night, so this too is a business. At night, before going to sleep, check how much you remembered the Father during the whole day and to how many you gave the Father’s introduction. The business of someone who is clever runs well. If someone is a simpleton, his business would also be like that. Here, you have to earn an income. The Father simply says: Remember Me and remember the cycle and you will become rulers of the globe. You shouldn't have too much desire in this. Village people don't have as many desires as wealthy people, who have many desires. Some poor people are happy even in their poverty; they are used to eating simple chapattis. Wealthy people have many desires. Some children even harass their parents. Baba is experienced in this. He also has compassion for poor people. When poor people see that a wealthy person is listening to this knowledge, they would also want to come and listen. Baba has had many pictures made. Some of you say that you want to do service. Baba says: First of all, become clever and then go on service because, nowadays, devotion is also very powerful. On the one hand, you explain to them and, on the other hand, they are caught up with their gurus. The gurus frighten them by saying, “How would you receive the fruit if you don't perform devotion? One finds God by performing devotion.” First, you have to become firm in knowledge and also have full faith that you have found God and that He says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Only when this faith has become very firm will you be able to face anyone. People only oppose you; we say one thing and they say something else. There are many sects and cults in the world where people go and hear one thing or another. They also relate various interpretations of the Gita and people thereby become trapped in that. Sannyasis never tell householders not to indulge in vice. Even if they do tell someone to become viceless, what would happen by that? They don't have any aim or objective. There are many people in the world who show wrong paths. There are very few who show the right path. They are attacked by Maya a great deal. Their hearts would say that they should become pure, but Maya would turn their intellects away. She brings many bad thoughts. There are many battles with Maya. While you are moving along, many storms come. If the evil spirit of any vice exists within you, your conscience will continue to bite. If you tell people to donate anger and you yourself continue to become angry, they would tell you: You yourself continue to become angry and so how can you tell us this? Therefore, anger also has to be renounced. One can’t become angry secretly. A lot of noise is created in anger. They fight amongst themselves; they even insult one another. Baba sees that they are not able to get rid of the evil spirit of anger. Some become angry even when they are in Baba’s presence. The evil spirit of anger enters many, and it is very bad; it continues to harass you. Baba then explains with love: If you defame Baba's name, you would even destroy your status. You are told that you have donated the five vices to Baba, and so why do you take them back? If you become angry again, the eclipse of the omens will not be removed. The anger then continues to increase. Instead of receiving the Father's blessings, you become cursed, because Dharamraj is with the Father. This too is fixed in the drama. It is also a sin to become angry. Those who have the five vices are called sinful souls. In the golden age, all are charitable souls. No one commits any sin there. There is now a big burden of the sins of many births on each one’s head. First of all, cut them away with the power of yoga. Maya is very bad. Many have greed. They have greed for clothes, shoes, trivial things and they therefore continue to tell lies. All of those are signs of greed. You receive everything here. Outside, there is conflict in every home. The company is also very bad. The husband would be a Brahmin and the wife would be a shudra, or the wife would be a Brahmin and the husband would be a shudra. When a swan and stork live together in the same home, there is a lot of conflict. Find a way to keep yourself peaceful. Baba doesn't allow you to renounce your home and family. There are many ashrams where people go and live with their children etc. Conflict happens everywhere. There is no peace anywhere. You children are now receiving true peace, happiness and purity for 21 births. No one else can give you such directions. Baba says: I come from such a faraway land to do service. You too have to do service. People cannot understand a great deal at the fairs and exhibitions. Although a Governor would inaugurate a place, his intellect is not aware God is teaching you through Brahma or that you are to receive the inheritance of the world from Him. They simply say this is good and the mothers are doing a very good job by making everyone elevated. Although he would write down for you that he believes God spoke the Gita, this would not sit in his intellect nor would he make effort to understand. It is in your intellects that Shiv Baba says through Brahma: Remember Me and you will become Lakshmi and Narayan. Give everyone this message. You are the children of the Messenger, whereas all the others who come are founders of religions. Give everyone the message that Baba is carrying out the establishment of the new world of heaven. Baba says: If you remember Me and remain pure, you will become the masters of heaven. You should repeatedly have these thoughts. When your stage is weak and you get involved in your business etc., you forget everything. The elevated versions you hear don't go to waste. Each jewel is not a small thing. Even one jewel can make you into a master of the world. People sing: Our Bharat is a very elevated land. You know your Bharat, which used to be heaven, has now become hell. Baba now says: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. Many subjects continue to be created. There continues to be expansion. Centres continue to be opened. The Father says: Go to the villages and do service. There are many villages where they get together and have classes, and then they write a letter to Baba. It is the duty of you children to expand the Brahmin religion so that all human beings become deities. Those who belong here will not become trapped in other spiritual gatherings. Here, the main thing is purity. It is because of this that father and son, husband and wife become enemies. Even the Government asks: What are you doing? Why does this happen? However, they cannot interfere in a matter of religion. You will definitely establish your sovereignty. There is the difference of day and night between the wars that took place earlier and this. These bombs etc. did not exist earlier. You know there won't be any name or trace of battling in your kingdom. Happiness exists in the golden and silver ages and sorrow exists in the copper and iron ages: the new world and the old world. The world is the same, it simply becomes old and new. The old world is now to be destroyed and the new one created. This old world is now of no use and so a new world is needed. New palaces would have been built so many times in Delhi. Whoever came destroyed all the old ones and then built their own new ones as memorials. When the great war takes place, everything will be destroyed and new palaces will then be built in the new world. Then, each of you will claim a high status according to how much you had studied. Some study well and others study less. This continues all the time. You children firmly remember that you have now completed your 84 births. We now have to return home. We will shed our old bodies and return home. What else would you need once you have such a firm stage? If someone in such a stage leaves his body, he would take birth in a very high family. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to accumulate your income, continue to remember the Father and the cycle. Never become caught in any spin of Maya. Don't have too many desires.

2. In order to change humans into deities, expand your Brahmin religion. Go and do service in all the villages.


May you become a victorious master almighty authority by surrendering yourself instead of being defeated again and again.

Create every thought and perform every action while considering yourself to be a victorious jewel and you will never be defeated. A master almighty authority can never be defeated. If you are defeated again and again, you will have to be punished by Dharamraj and those who are defeated will have to make garlands in the future; they will have to garland many idols from the copper age onwards. Therefore, instead of being defeated, surrender yourself and make a promise to adopt your perfect form and you will become victorious.


The words “at some time”, show weakness and so do not say, “I will do it at some time”, because you have to do it now.

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