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Brahma Kumaris Murli 28 November 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 28 November 2021

 28.11.21       Morning Murli        Om Shanti   01.12.89   BapDada       Madhuban

Receiving respect by having self-respect.

 Today, BapDada is seeing all the children everywhere who have self-respect. Only the children who have self-respect receive respect throughout the cycle. You have self-respect for one birth and you receive respect for the whole cycle. Because of having the right to rule your own kingdom, you receive respect from your subjects and, for half the cycle, you receive respect from devotees. Now, even in your last birth, you can see and hear devotees giving respect to the deity souls and to the Shakti form. Even now, they give so much respect with love from the depths of their hearts. How did you attain such elevated fortune? All of this is the fortune that comes from renouncing just one main thing. What did you renounce? You renounced body consciousness. This is because you are unable to stabilise in your self-respect unless you renounce body consciousness. In return for this renunciation, God, the Bestower of Fortune, gave you the blessing of this fortune. Secondly, the Father Himself has given you children respect. From being the maids and servants at His feet, the Father has made you into the crowns of His head. He has given you such great self-respect. Even the Father has respect for the children who have such self-respect. The Father always keeps the children ahead of Himself. He always sings praise of the virtues of you children. In order to give you children love from the depths of His heart, He comes into the corporeal world from the supreme abode every day. He doesn’t just send it from there, but He comes personally to give it. You receive love and remembrance every day, do you not? No one else can give such elevated respect. The Father Himself has given you this respect and this is why you have become those who have a right to respect eternally. Do you experience such greatness? Self-respect and respect are connected with one another.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 28 November 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 28 November 2021 (ENGLISH) 

Those who have self-respect would maintain regard for the respect they have received and also maintain respect for themselves, and they would also look, speak and form connections with others with respect. The meaning of respect for the self is to have regard for the self. The Father receives regard from all souls of the world; each one gives Him that regard. However, to the extent that the Father receives respect, He also gives just as much respect to all the children. If someone doesn’t give, then that one doesn’t become a deity (a bestower). You become deities for many births and you are worshipped in the form of a deity for many births. You become Brahmins for one birth, but you rule as deities and become worthy of worship for many births. Deities means those who give. If you do not give respect in this birth, how would you become deities? How would you receive respect for many births? Follow the Father. You saw Father Brahma in the corporeal form: he always considered himself to be a world servant. He considered himself to be the children’s servant and made the children the masters. He always saluted them as the masters. He always gave little children love filled with respect and saw them in the form of future world benefactors. He always saw the kumars, kumaris and youth as the ones who challenged the great, well-known souls of the world, the ones who made the impossible possible, the ones who made the heads of the great souls bow down; he saw them with the respect of such pure souls. He always gave them respect, considering them to be great souls who performed even greater wonders than he did. Similarly, he always considered elderly souls to be experienced; he gave them the regard of being his equals. He always saw those in bondage with the regard of being number one in having remembrance. This is why he became the soul to receive number one imperishable regard. He is number one in receiving respect in the kingdom; as the world emperor and in the worthy of worship form too; he is the first to be worshipped after the Father in the form of Lakshmi and Narayan. So he became number one in receiving both respect as the ruler and also in terms of being worthy of worship, because he gave everyone respect and regard. He never thought that he would only give regard when he received regard. Those who give regard even consider those who defame them to be their friends. They don’t consider only those who give them regard to belong to them, but even those who insult them are considered to belong to them, because the whole world is their family. You Brahmins are the trunk for all souls. All the branches, that is, all the souls of the different religions have emerged from the main trunk. So, all of them belong to you, do they not? Those who have such self-respect constantly consider themselves to be master creators and are constantly the bestowers of respect to all. Do you always consider yourselves to be the original jewels belonging to Adi Dev Brahma, the ones playing their parts from the beginning? Do you have that much intoxication? So, did all of you hear what the respect for children is, what the respect for the elders is and what the respect for youth is? Adi Pita Brahma looked at you with that respect. How much intoxication must you have had? So, always remain aware that you will constantly remain in the world of such an elevated stage, according to the elevated drishti that the first soul had for you. Promise yourself this. You continue to make promises, do you not? You make promises in words, promises in your minds and also in writing and you then forget them. This is why you are unable to take benefit from the promises. If you remember the promises, you can also take benefit from them. All of you should check yourselves: How many times have you made a promise and how many times have you fulfilled that promise? Do you know how to fulfil those promises or do you only know how to make them? Or, do you keep fluctuating, sometimes being those who make a promise and sometimes those who fulfil a promise?

What do the teachers think? You are in the list of those who fulfil them, are you not? BapDada always calls the teachers His companion teachers. So, what is the speciality of a companion? A companion is equal. Does the Father ever change (from His promise)? Teachers are also those who always keep a balance between the promise (vayda) and its benefit (fayda). If you make many promises but don’t have as much benefit, that is not keeping a balance. Those who keep a balance of the two receive this blessing from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings. Such souls always become images of success in their actions by having determination in their thoughts. This is the special action of the teachers who are the companions. Let your thoughts and actions be equal. If your thoughts are elevated but your actions are ordinary, that is not called both being equal. So, teachers: always consider yourselves to be “companion teachers” or “teachers similar to the Father” and continue to become powerful with this awareness. BapDada is pleased with the courage of the teachers. By maintaining courage, you have at least become instruments for doing service. However, now, always remember this slogan: “As a teacher, when you maintain courage, you are equal to the Father who is the Teacher.” Never forget this. Then, the aim of constantly becoming equal to BapDada will be in front of you, that is, He will be with you. Achcha.

BapDada is seeing all the children everywhere who have self-respect and who receive respect personally in front of His eyes and is giving them love and remembrance with the vision of respect. To the children who are constantly equal companions in terms of ruling the kingdom and in terms of their worthy-of-worship stage, love, remembrance and namaste.

1. Bihar group: Do you always consider yourselves to have a right to self-sovereignty? Have you received self-sovereignty or are you going to receive it? Self-sovereignty means that you are able to perform actions with your sense organs when and however you wish. To be a conqueror of your sense organs means to be a self-sovereign. Have you become such sovereigns or do your sense organs sometimes rule you? Does your mind sometimes rule you? Or, do you rule your mind? Does your mind ever have waste thoughts or not? If it sometimes has waste thoughts, would you say at that time that you are a self-sovereign? Having a kingdom is to have great authority. A ruling authority can do whatever he wants; he can rule in any way that he wants. The mind, intellect and sanskars are the powers of each soul and each soul is the master of all these three. If your sanskars sometimes pull you towards themselves, would you be called their master? So, to have the authority to rule yourself means to be a conqueror of your sense organs. Only those who are conquerors of their sense organs can attain the authority of the kingdom of the world. Those who are self-sovereigns can become those who have a right to the kingdom of the world. So, the slogan “Self-sovereignty is the birthright of a Brahmin life” is the slogan for you Brahmin souls. The stage of one who has self-sovereignty is always that of a master almighty authority. He lacks no power. A self-sovereign would always observe dharma (religion or righteousness), that is, he would be an embodiment of dharna and, in terms of his kingdom, he would always be powerful. Why is there now fluctuation in government? Because the authority of religion has become separate from the authority of government. So, because there is only one authority they have become lame, and this is why there is fluctuation. Similarly, in yourselves too, if you don’t have the authority of both your religion and your kingdom, there will be obstacles; they will make you fluctuate and you will have to battle, whereas if you have both authorities you will always remain carefree emperors. No obstacle can then come. So, have you become such carefree emperors? Or, are you a little concerned about your body, your relatives, etc.? Do you Pandavas have the concern of earning, of looking after your family or do you remain carefree? The One who is making everyone move is making you move, the One who is getting everyone to act is getting it done. Those who become instruments in this way are carefree emperors. If you have the consciousness that “I am doing it”, you cannot remain carefree. However, if you have the awareness that you have been made an instrument by the Father, you will then experience being carefree and free from worry in your life. There will then be no worries. You won’t even worry about what is going to happen tomorrow. Do you have a little worry about what is going to happen tomorrow and how it will happen? “I don’t know when destruction will happen, what will happen? What will happen to my children? What will happen to my grandchildren?” Do you have these worries? A carefree emperor always has the faith that whatever is happening is good, and that whatever is to happen will be even better, because the One who is making you do everything is the best of all. This is called being victorious by your intellect having faith. Have you become like this or are you still thinking about it? You definitely have to become this, do you not? When you receive such a huge kingdom, what is there to think about? Does anyone ever let go of their rights? Even those in huts, those who have a small property, would not let go. However, this is such a huge attainment! So, with the awareness of it being your right, always maintain the right and continue to fly. Remember this blessing: Self-sovereignty is my birthright. You are not those who will experience attainment by working hard but you have a right. Achcha. Bihar means those who always have Spring (bahar). Never go into the Autumn. Never let there be storms or hurricanes, but always Spring. Achcha.

2. Do you experience yourselves to be the ones who change the world with your spiritual vision? You used to hear that you can change the world with your vision, but you have now become experienced in this. The world has changed through your spiritual vision, has it not? Now that the Father is your world the world has changed, has it not? There is a difference between your world previously and your world now, is there not? Previously, your intellects used to wander around the world, whereas now the Father has become your world. So the wandering of your intellects has stopped. They have become stable because, previously in your lives, your intellects used to wander towards many things - relations of the body and possessions of the body. All of that has now changed. Now, do you remember bodies or the bodiless One? If your intellects do go towards a body, you consider that to be wrong, do you not? Then, you change yourselves; instead of considering yourselves to be bodies, you try to practise being bodiless beings. So, your world has changed, has it not? You yourselves have changed. Is the Father your world or is there still something remaining in the world? Your intellects do not wander towards perishable wealth or perishable relationships, do they? Now, nothing of “mine” remains. Now, you don’t even have a thought or dream such as, “I have a lot of wealth”, because you have handed over everything to the Father. You have made “mine” into “Yours”. Or, you do not think “What belongs to me is mine and what belongs to the Father is also mine”, do you? That perishable body, wealth and old mind are not “mine;” you have given them to the Father. The first thought you had for transformation was: “Everything is Yours”, and it is only by saying “Yours” that you benefit. It is not the Father who benefits in this, but it is you who benefit, because by saying “It is mine,” you become trapped, whereas by saying “It is Yours”, you become detached. By saying “mine” you become those with a burden and by saying “Yours” you become double-light trustees. So, which is better? Is it good to be light or to be heavy? In today’s world, even if someone is overweight, it doesn’t feel good. Everyone tries to make themselves light, because to be heavy means to experience loss, whereas by being light you benefit. Similarly, by saying “mine, mine” your intellect becomes burdened, whereas by saying “Yours, Yours” your intellect becomes light. Until you become light, you cannot reach a high stage. It is the flying stage that will give you the experience of bliss. There is pleasure in remaining light. Achcha.

Since you have found the Father, what is Maya in front of Him? Maya makes you cry and the Father gives you the inheritance; He gives you attainment. Throughout the whole cycle, you cannot ever find such a Father who brings you such attainment. Even in heaven you would not find such a father. So, do not forget Him for even a second. Since you don’t forget someone who brings you a limited attainment, how can you forget the One who brings you unlimited attainment? So, constantly remember that you are trustees. Never keep a burden with yourselves. By following this you will always laugh, sing and fly. What else do you need in life? To laugh, sing and fly. It is only when you have attainment that you would laugh, is it not? Otherwise, you would cry. So, keep this blessing in your awareness: you are ones who laugh, sing and fly, the ones who always stay in the Father’s world. There is nowhere else your intellect would go to. Do not cry even in your dreams. Do not cry even if Maya makes you cry. There is crying even of the mind, not just crying physically. So, Maya makes you cry and the Father makes you laugh. To be constantly in Bihar (bahar - Spring) means always to remain happy and fragrant. Bengal means those who always remain sweet. There are very good sweet tolis in Bengal; they have a lot of variety. So, where there is sweetness, there is purity. You cannot have sweetness without purity. So, you are those who remain constantly sweet and fragrant. Achcha. Teachers too, seeing the fragrant ones always remain in Spring. Achcha.


May you always have the fortune of being close to the Father by staying away from the influence of bad company and thereby pass with honours.

If you would like to stay close to the Father, stay away from the influence of bad company. Many types of papers will come in the form of attraction, but do not be attracted by them. There are influences of many types of company. There is the company of waste thoughts, thoughts of attraction to Maya, the company of relatives, the company of words, the company of impure food and the company of actions. Those who protect themselves from the influence of all of these types of company pass with honours.


Become angels and the Father Himself will become your Canopy of Protection in adverse situations.

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