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Brahma Kumaris Murli 27 November 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 27 November 2021

 27/11/21 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to donate the wealth of knowledge, churn the ocean of knowledge. Have an interest in donating so that you continue to churn.


What is the way to keep yourself constantly healthy on the path of knowledge?


In order to keep yourself constantly healthy, chew and then digest the grass of knowledge (murli) you receive from the Father which means: churn knowledge. The children who have the habit of churning, that is, of digesting, can never fall ill. Those who don’t have any illness of the vices are constantly healthy.


You are the Ocean of Love and we thirst for one drop from You.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 27 November 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 27 November 2021 (ENGLISH) 
Om shanti.

You children heard the song. Whatever songs people compose or whatever scriptures they relate, they don’t understand anything. Whatever people have been reading, no one has benefited from it, but there has instead continued to be a loss. Only the one God is the Benefactor of All. You understand that the One who benefits you has come. He is showing you the path of benefit. Only the one Father benefits you children of Bharat especially and the world in general. When you were in the golden age, all of you were benefited. You were in the land of happiness and the rest were all in the land of peace. This is in the intellects of you children, but this point slips away; you don’t imbibe it fully. If you churned the ocean of knowledge on even one point, this wouldn’t happen. Human beings of today don’t even have as much sense as animals. Animals (cows) eat grass and then continue to chew the cud. You too receive food, but you then don’t chew it throughout the day. Cows continue to chew it throughout the day. You are receiving the grass of knowledge. There is yoga and knowledge. Continue to churn the ocean of knowledge throughout the day. What would those who don’t have any interest in doing service do by churning knowledge? Because they don’t have that interest, they don’t do anything. Some are interested in giving the wealth of knowledge. People go and give grass to cows in a cowshed. They consider that to be an act of charity. The Father is feeding you with this grass of knowledge. If you continue to churn this, you will remain happy and also have an interest in doing service. Those who take an urn or even just a drop will still be able to go to heaven. The gates to heaven are to open. In fact, you have to swallow the ocean of knowledge. Some swallow it completely and others come and just take a drop, but they will still definitely go to heaven. The more you imbibe, the higher the status you will claim. You can go to heaven with even just one drop. When someone is dying, they put a drop of the Ganges water in his mouth. In some homes they drink the water of the Ganges all the time. How much would they drink? The Ganges continues to flow all the time. They can’t swallow it all! It is remembered of you that you swallowed the whole ocean. Those who come close to the Ocean of Knowledge and do a lot of service will be threaded in the rosary of Rudra. The more you swallow this and benefit others, the higher the status you will claim. The more you imbibe, the more happiness you will have. Wealthy people have happiness. Those who have a lot of wealth and donate it or build colleges, rest houses for pilgrims, or temples also experience so much happiness. Here, you are receiving the imperishable jewels of knowledge; you are receiving imperishable treasures for 21 births. Those who imbibe these very well and then donate them receive a good status. Some children write: “Baba, I want to leave my job and engage myself in doing this spiritual service and just go around explaining with the projectors and exhibitions. If someone were to receive even just one drop, he would be benefited. I have a great interest in doing service.” However, Baba knows each one’s stage. Along with doing service, they also have to have those virtues. There shouldn’t be any anger or wrong thoughts. There shouldn’t be any illness of the vices. There has to be good health. Baba says that those who have fewer vices are healthy. Baba would praise them. It is also remembered who the good maharathis are! It has been shown that there was a war between the devils and the deities and that the deities were victorious. Now, our war is with the devils, the five vices. It isn’t that devils are any other type of human being, but it is those who have devilish natures who are said to be devils. The number one devilish nature is that of lust. This is why sannyasis too renounce that and run away. It takes effort to renounce those devilish traits. You have to live in your households, but you must also renounce any devilish nature. By becoming pure, you receive liberation and liberation-in-life. The attainment is so great! Those people renounce their homes and families and run away and yet they have no attainment. There are so many very good things to be understood through these pictures. Those people simply have a show of pictures and so many people just go to see the pictures, but there is no benefit in any of them. Here, there is so much knowledge in these pictures and there is also a lot of benefit through them. It is not a question of art, etc. in them nor is it the cleverness of those who have painted them. Those people sign their own work (pictures) and artists receive prizes. Some at least understand that they should definitely remember the Father. If they were to say even this much, they would become part of the subjects. Many subjects are to be created. I am the Ocean of Knowledge. When someone receives even a drop of knowledge, he is able to go to heaven. You understand that many people are benefited by the exhibitions and fairs. God is the Benefactor. You are also being benefited, but you should continue to churn the ocean of knowledge. If you keep this in your awareness, you will benefit a great deal. One should hear wrong things with one ear and let them out through the other. The Father says: I tell you very good things. The number one main thing is to give the Father’s introduction. Simply remember the one Father. He is everything. There are many people like this on the path of devotion. Tell them: What you are doing is very good. You signal with your finger that God enables you to do everything. He is the Benefactor of All and resides up above. You souls also reside up there. You now understand all of these things of knowledge. The Father says: Children, your clothes (bodies) have become worn out. In the golden and silver ages, you had such beautiful clothes. Now, for how long will you continue to wear those worn out clothes. However, no one understands this. Only when the Father comes and explains can you understand. You children now understand that only the one Father gives knowledge. He is the Ocean. Those who swallow the ocean become the beads of the rosary of victory. They are constantly busy doing service. Baba has come to create the rosary of Rudra and to make you children pure. You then have to become pure and then return home. You will go back, numberwise, from where you came. You cannot go any earlier or later. In a play, all the actors have a fixed time for them to act. In this too, all the actors will continue to come down, numberwise, at their own time. This is a predestined, unlimited play. We souls, points, reside in the element of brahm. What else would there be there? There is such a vast difference between a soul, which is just a point, and such a big body. A soul takes up such a tiny space whereas the great element of brahm is so large. Just as there is no end to space, so there is no end to the element of brahm. They try so hard to reach the end of it but they are unable to do so; they beat their heads so much, it is not something that they can grasp or go beyond. There is so much arrogance of science, but there is no benefit through that. They have heard that there is only space in the sky and that in the world underground also there is nothing but space. They believe that there is a world on the moon. That too is in their parts and fixed in the drama. There is no benefit through that. The Father comes and makes us into the masters of the world. There is so much benefit in that, but what is the benefit of going to the moon or exorcising ghosts and evil spirits with magic, etc? We are now claiming the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. We have been receiving it every cycle. The history and geography of the world continue to repeat. This cycle continues to turn. There was just Bharat in the whole world at the beginning. The people of Bharat were the masters of the world. There, the deities are not aware of any other land. All of them come into existence later. The founders of new religions come and establish their own religions, but they do not grant anyone salvation; they just establish a religion. Why should they be praised? They come from the land of liberation to play their parts. People say that they just want to remain in eternal liberation. They ask why they should come into this cycle of coming and going. However, everyone has to come into this cycle. Each one has to take rebirth and then go back home. This is the cycle of the predestined drama. There cannot be a drama with a duration of hundreds of thousands of years. This is a natural, eternal drama. This is called the wonder of God. You have to know the wonder of the Creator and creation. There isn’t any human being who tries to make effort to know the world cycle. They wouldn’t even think about knowing how the world cycle turns. The oldest image of all is the Shivalingam. Khuda (God) came and so they created a memorial of that. When they first begin to worship Shiva, they create a lingam of diamonds. Then, when devotion becomes rajo and tamo, they create images of stone. Shiv Baba is not an image of diamonds. He is just a point, but they make a big image of Him in order to worship Him. They feel that they should make a Shivalingam of diamonds. If they were to keep just a point in such a huge temple to Somnath, no one would be able to understand anything. The Father explains what happens on the path of devotion. Scientists continue to invent things; they continue to invent many very good things. They even invent things for destruction. Earlier, there was no electricity and so they used to ignite clay lamps. The Father explains: Sweetest children, don’t be content with just a little. Imbibe this knowledge very well and swallow the ocean. Those who do service well will claim a good status. Your mercury of happiness should remain high throughout the day. This is a dirty world. We are now to leave here. The old world has to be destroyed; preparations are being made for that. Only a few more days remain. So much service has to be done in this time. Not just in the whole of Bharat, but you also have to tour around everywhere abroad. Every corner abroad also has to know about all of this through the newspapers. People will understand quickly with the picture of the ladder. The Father comes to make you children into residents of heaven once again. Lakshmi and Narayan really did rule the kingdom in Bharat when they existed. People sing a lot of praise of Bharat, that it is an ancient land. They sing a lot of praise of what Bharat was like. They were all pure goddesses in Bharat. You know that we are claiming our reward of 21 births from the Father. The Father teaches you very simple things. It is shown that He massaged Draupadi’s feet, but there was nothing like that. Baba says: It is just that you children have got tired stumbling around on the path of devotion. I am now removing your tiredness. You have become impure by stumbling around. The Father says: I am removing your tiredness. You will then never experience sorrow. There won’t be the slightest mention of sorrow. However, you do have to make effort to claim a high status. If you claim a high status, it will be said that you performed good actions in your past birth. This is remembered, but no one knows when you made effort and claimed that status. The Father is now teaching you to perform such actions. He also tells you to perform good actions and claim a high status. Here, the actions of human beings are sinful. There, it is heaven, where actions are neutral. You won’t have this knowledge there. The Father says: I know the philosophy of karma. Those who perform good actions at this time will attain good fruit. This is the field of action. Some perform very good actions. Some are only concerned about doing service. Others ask: Baba, do I have any weaknesses? No, you will do as much service as you are able to do and it will continue to increase. Those who are to do service will also continue to emerge. You have the assurance in your hearts that only a few more days remain. Now make such effort that you claim a high status there too. Baba is feeding you this grass of knowledge. He says: Continue to chew it and your dharna will become firm and the mercury of your happiness will also rise. A lot of service has to be done; the message has to be given to many. You are messengers, children of the Messenger. Your pictures will one day be printed in the main newspapers. Newspapers also go abroad and they will understand from the pictures that this knowledge is only from God, the Father. However, it takes effort to become “Manmanabhav”. Only the people of Bharat make this effort. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Churn the ocean of knowledge about the good things that the Father says and become benefactors for many others. Hear wrong things with one ear and let them out through the other.

2. Renounce any devilish nature you may have. Continue to chew the grass of knowledge that the Father feeds you.


May you be a holy swan who remains constantly stable in your pure form and only picks up pearls of virtues.

You holy swans have a pure form and your duty is constantly to pick up pearls of virtues. Never take pebbles of defects into your intellect. However, in order to fulfil this duty, always remember one order: Think no evil, hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Those who keep this order constantly in their awareness always stay on the shores of the Ocean. The residence of swans is the Ocean.


To be in your angelic form while walking and moving around is a gift that pleases Father Brahma’s heart.

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