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Brahma Kumaris Murli 21 November 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 21 November 2021

 21.11.21       Morning Murli        Om Shanti   27.11.89   BapDada       Madhuban

Subtle service through good wishes and pure feelings.


Today, the World Benefactor, BapDada, is looking at His world-benefactor companions. All the children are instrument companions in the Father’s task of world benefit. They all have the one thought in their minds that all the distressed souls in the world should be benefited. While walking and moving around and carrying out any task, there are only these pure feelings in their minds. On the path of devotion, too, they have these feelings, but the pure feelings that devotee souls especially have are for temporary benefit. You children who are gyani souls have knowledge-full, benevolent feelings for all souls that are for all time and for the benefit of all. You feel, for the present and also the future, that every soul should become happy for many births and full of all attainments, because you souls have received an imperishable inheritance from the Father. The fruit of your pure feelings is transforming the souls of the world and, as you progress further, even the elements will be transformed. The elevated, pure feelings of you souls are such that they bring attainment of such elevated fruit. This is why you are remembered as world-benefactor souls. Do you know that your pure feelings have this much importance? Do you move along while using your pure feelings in an ordinary way or do you use them knowing their importance? People of the world also speak of pure feelings. However, your pure feelings are not only pure, they are also powerful because you are elevated, confluence-aged souls, and, according to the drama, the confluence age has the blessing of receiving instant, visible fruit. This is why souls receive the visible fruit of your pure feelings. All the souls who come into connection or relationship with you experience at that very moment the fruit of peace and love.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 21 November 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 21 November 2021 (ENGLISH)

There cannot be pure feelings without pure desires. There is always the desire for mercy for all souls, that this soul too should be able to claim a right to the inheritance. There is compassion for every soul that this soul belongs to our Godly family and so why should he remain deprived? You have this pure desire, do you not? Pure desires and pure feelings are the foundation of service. When you serve any souls, if you don’t have good wishes and pure feelings, those souls cannot attain instant, visible fruit. One type of service is to do everything as a discipline, as a system, and you simply relate whatever you have heard. The other service is with your good wishes and pure feelings. Your pure feelings enable them to have faith in the Father. They become instrumental in enabling them to attain fruit from the Father. Pure feelings can become instrumental in enabling a soul sitting far away to attain fruit, just as the facilities of science are instrumental in bringing souls who are far away into a close relationship. Your sound is able to reach them, your message reaches there, your vision reaches there. Since the power of science is able to give the fruit of closeness for a short time, can your powerful pure feelings of silence not give souls fruit from a distance? However, the basis for this is having accumulated so much power of silence in yourself, because it is the power of silence that is able to give this alokik experience. As you progress further, you will continue to experience these practical examples.

Pure feelings means powerful thoughts. Of all the powers, the speed of the power of thought is the fastest. The speed of thought is faster than all the fast facilities that have been created through science. You have pure feelings for a soul or for the unlimited souls of the world, that is, you have good and pure powerful thoughts that that soul should benefit. For you to have that thought or feeling means that that soul will experience receiving peace and power through some special help. For instance, even now, some children did some tasks for which they didn’t have that much courage or capability. However, with BapDada’s extra help, that task was able to be accomplished easily or that obstacle was removed. They will experience the subtle service of you master world-benefactor souls in a practical way. It will take less time, fewer facilities and less money. For that, your minds and intellects have to remain constantly free. You keep your minds and intellects very busy with little things, and this is why the subtle line of the speed of service is not clear. You keep the lines of your minds and intellects very much engaged in ordinary situations and this is why this subtle service doesn’t take place at a fast speed. For this, pay special attention to be in solitude (ekant) and to have concentration (ekagrata). 

No matter how busy souls who love solitude are, they can take a few moments to experience solitude every now and then. Souls who love solitude become so powerful that at any time they are able to use their subtle powers – their minds and intellects - to concentrate on whatever they want wherever they want. Even if the external situation is one of upheaval, souls who have love for solitude will be able to become stable and concentrated in a second by going into the depths of One. There may be a lot of noise of waves on the surface of the ocean, also a lot of upheaval, but there isn’t that upheaval at the bottom of the ocean. So, when you go into the depths of One, when you go into the depths of the Ocean of Knowledge, all upheaval will end and you will become stable and concentrated. Did you hear what subtle service is? Everyone continually uses the words “good wishes” and “pure feelings”. However, by knowing the importance of them and putting them into practice, you will become instruments to give many souls the experience of instant and visible fruit. Achcha.

The duty of teachers is to serve. The greatness of teachers is in serving. If the practical proof of doing service is not visible, then that teacher would not be in the list of capable teachers. The greatness of teachers is in their service. So, you were told of the subtle form of service. You continue to serve with your lips, but, in fact, both service with the lips and with the good feelings in the mind needs to be simultaneous. Words and feelings will do double the work. The practice of this subtle service is needed over a long period of time, that is, it is needed from now, because as you progress further, the form of service will definitely change. At that time, you will not be able to make yourself busy doing subtle service; external situations will attract your intellects. What will the result be then? You won’t be able to keep a balance of remembrance and service. Therefore, check the line of service of your minds and intellects from now. You teachers know how to check this, do you not? Teachers teach others, and so you must surely know it yourself. That is why you teach others, is it not? All of you are capable teachers, are you not? The speciality of a capable teacher is that she is constantly busy serving through her mind, words and actions. You will then automatically become free from other things. Achcha.

Kumaris have also come. Kumaris means those who are going to be teachers in the future. This is why you are called Brahma Kumaris. If you are not going to be a server in the future, then you are a kumari only worth a few pennies. What do kumaris do? They carry a basket (burden) of their work, do they not, chasing after a few pennies? BapDada is amused with kumaris: you are ready to carry the burden of a basket, but you are not able to have the courage to stay in God’s home, that is, at the service places. You are not such weak kumaris, are you? Even if you are still studying, you would have the future aim to have a job or do world service, would you not? To have a job means to sustain yourself; you don’t have any children whom you have to sustain. You have a job so that you are able to look after yourself comfortably and continue to move along. Have the aim of giving souls of the world the Father’s sustenance. Since you can become instruments for many souls, what is sustaining just yourself compared to that? To be able to receive blessings from so many is such a huge income. In earning that income, you may earn 5,000 or 500,000, but to receive blessings from so many souls is such a huge income and this will go with you for many births. Where will that 500,000 go? Either in your home or it will stay in the bank. One always has an elevated aim, not an ordinary one. At the confluence age, in this one birth now, you receive such a golden chance to become an instrument for unlimited service. You will not receive this offer even in the golden age. You continue to look at the newspapers for an offer of a job, do you not? Here, the Father Himself is offering you this service. So, become worthy right hands. You mustn’t become ordinary Brahma Kumaris. If you don’t become a worthy server, then, instead of doing service, you would continue to take service. It is not difficult to become a worthy server. When you don’t become a worthy server, you are then afraid of how things will happen and whether you will be able to continue or not. When you don’t have the capability, you feel afraid. Those who are capable are carefree emperors. Whether it is a physical capability or a capability of knowledge, it makes a person valuable. If there isn’t that capability, there is no value. The capability of serving is the greatest capability. Nothing can stop such a worthy soul. To be worthy means “Mine is one Baba”. That is all; there is nothing else. Did the kumaris hear? Achcha.

Many kumars have also come. Kumars race a lot. In service too, you race with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. However, the speciality and greatness of the kumars is that you have been free from obstacles from the beginning until now. If kumars are free from obstacles, they are remembered as very great kumars because people of the world also think that it is more difficult for the kumars to be capable than the kumaris. However, let the kumars challenge the world and show that, although others think it is impossible, they are kumars who are free from obstacles. Such kumars who show a sample to the world are great kumars. BapDada always congratulates such kumars from His heart. Do you understand? You are not those who are very good one minute but, the next minute, when an obstacle comes, you fluctuate. A kumar means one who neither becomes a problem nor is defeated by a problem. Kumars can claim a number ahead of the kumaris. However, you are kumars who are free from obstacles because usually kumars have the obstacle of not having a companion but of wanting one. So, in one way or another, they create that company. Some kumars even make some their companions, while others get caught up in some company. They want to sit and chat and then they also have thoughts about making someone their companion. However, there are also such kumars who neither create any other company than that of the Father nor make others their companions. The kumars who always stay in the company of the Father remain constantly happy. So, which kumars are you? Do you need a little company? Is the whole family your company? In that case, that is fine, but it is wrong to have the company of just two or three or just one. So, who are all of you? You are free from obstacles, are you not? New kumars will also show wonders. Ultimately, you have to make the world bow down in front of you and the Father, do you not? So, this wonder of the kumars will make the world bow down. The world will sing your praise - that it is the wonder of the kumars. The majority of kumaris still stay in the company of service, but the kumars think a little about having company. Therefore, create a Pandav Bhavan with the right type of group of brothers and keep yourself safe; to do this. However, don’t create a Pandav Bhavan in which tomorrow one would go to the East and the other one would go to the West. Do not create a Pandav Bhavan like that. 

BapDada is especially proud of the kumars, because even while living alone you are moving along in your efforts. Why can two or three kumars not get together and live together and continue to move along? There doesn’t have to be just a female companion; even two kumars can live together. However, you have to remain companions who are free from obstacles for one another. As yet, you have not shown this wonder. If you can co-operate with one another at a time of need, then what is not possible? Other things come in between and this is why BapDada says “No” to creating Pandav Bhavans. However, someone can create a sample and demonstrate this. It shouldn’t be that you create a Pandav Bhavan and then continue to take up the time of the instrument Dadis and Didis. Be capable, free from obstacles, each one worthier than the next and then see how well your name will be glorified. Did the kumars hear this? Become worthy kumars; become kumars who are free from obstacles. In the field of service, do not become a problem yourselves, but become those who finish all problems; then see how great the value of kumars is because service cannot be done without the kumars. So what will the kumars do? All kumars say: “We will demonstrate this by becoming kumars who are free from obstacles.” (Kumars stood up and made this promise to BapDada.) Now, everyone’s photo has been taken. Don’t think that you stood up but that no one saw you. The photo has been taken. It is good. You children have courage and you receive the Father’s help and the whole family is with you. Achcha.

 To all the children everywhere, as well as giving them the canopy of co-operation of love for all time, BapDada is also giving them congratulations from His heart for their service. Baba continues to receive service news of this land and abroad. Every child also continues to give the true news of his heart. There are more letters from abroad. Congratulations to the children who give their service news. Along with that, Baba is also giving the blessing for service for yourselves or world service, “May you be successful.” To those who give news of their personal efforts, BapDada gives the blessing: Just as you please the Father with your honest hearts, in the same way, keep yourselves happy with your own sanskars and within the gathering by knowing all the secrets. To know the secrets of one another’s sanskars and to understand the situations is the stage of being one who knows all secrets. To write your chart with an honest heart and to write letters of loving conversations, that is, to finish the past and have a loving heart-to-heart conversation will always continue to give you the experience of closeness. This is in response to your letters.

Those from abroad are very clever at writing letters. They write letters very often. To those from Bharat: Don’t now start writing long letters! BapDada has said: Simply write a letter of two words, “OK” (OK – absolutely fine.) You may write service news, but otherwise, OK. Everything is included in that. It is easy to read such letters and also to write such letters. However, don’t write “OK” if you are not “OK”. Only write “OK” when you become OK. It still takes time to read the post, does it not? Whatever task you carry out, let it always be short and sweet so that whoever reads it will be happy to read it. So, don’t write a Ramayana (long complicated story). Do you understand? You have to give your news, but learn how to give that news. Achcha


To all the great souls who know the importance of the subtle service of good wishes and pure feelings, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.


May you be a true server who constantly experiences victory with your own transformation.

Just as you have become constant yogis, similarly become constantly victorious and you will become true servers. This is because when a victorious soul experiences victory in every thought and at every step, many souls are automatically served when they see their transformation. Their eyes give the experience of spirituality, their behaviour gives a vision of the Father’s activities and the jewel on their foreheads gives a vision of the jewel of contentment. Special souls who serve with their avyakt image are called true servers.


Specialities and virtues are gifts from God, so look at God not at the person.

Notice: The 3rd Sunday of the November month has been declared by the United Nations as a Remembrance day for Road Accident victims. So, all Raj yogi brothers and sisters will sit for yoga tapasya from 6.30pm – 7.30pm in God’s remembrance and with your master merciful form, give road accident victims the sakaash of peace and offer them your loving tribute.

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