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Brahma Kumaris Murli 09 November 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 09 November 2021

 09/11/21 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, remember the sweet Father and the sweet kingdom and you will become very, very sweet.


By making what effort are you children becoming deities from human beings?


You are now taking a dip in the lake of knowledge and becoming angels of knowledge. By bathing in knowledge your characters are changing; all your defects are being removed. By remembering the Father and the land of Vishnu, you become pure deities. The attraction of the deities is just their purity and it is because of this human beings are pulled from far away to visit their temples.


Our pilgrimage is unique!

Brahma Kumaris Murli 09 November 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 09 November 2021 (ENGLISH) 

Om shanti.

You sweetest, spiritual children, heard the song. Only you children are remembered as lucky stars. There are the Sun of Knowledge, the moon of knowledge and you lucky stars of knowledge. The physical sun and moon give light to the stage and this is why you are praised. You are the stars of knowledge. Those stars cannot be called stars of knowledge. Hearing the name, “Sun of Knowledge” they think His form is like the sun. They also believe God is in the pebbles and stones. Many people believe in the sun. They call themselves the sun dynasty. They worship the sun and also have a flag with a symbol of the sun. Your flag is the Trimurti. It is so wonderful! It is written on it: Truth brings victory. He truly enables you to gain victory over the world. You are the Shiv Shakti Pandava Army. They have named streets and buildings Trimurti Road, Trimurti House. The Father explains the meaning of this and also the activities He inspires through the Trimurti. He carries out establishment through Brahma. They have removed the name, “Shiva”, from the Trimurti and falsified the image. You now know the secrets there are in the image of the Trimurti. True Shiv Baba gives you the kingdom through Brahma. We children are once again claiming our kingdom of purity, peace, happiness and prosperity from Shiv Baba exactly as we did in the previous cycle. Education is always received during celibacy. Nowadays, some people even take up courses after their marriage to increase their income. Here, your income is limitless. You children know Shiv Baba has come to make you into the masters of the world. Shrimat is said to be the most elevated. Once someone becomes a child of Baba, he will definitely follow Baba’s directions, and not the dictates of his brothers. You have been following those dictates for many births, but there hasn’t been any benefit by doing that. You now have to follow Baba’s directions. All the sages and holy men are brothers. The Father has now come to give you elevated directions. Many people take a nature cure as medicine. All of it is for a temporary period. This nature cure is for 21 births. Those people ask you to bathe in cold water, or do this or that or take precautions with your food and drink. Here, it is not a question of food and drink. Here, the sweet Father tells you children: Now remember Me and you will become very sweet. Deities are sweet; they have so much attraction. Earlier, temples to Shiva were built high up in the mountains. People would go by foot to have a glimpse of them because their purity would pull them. When the deities were pure, they used to rule the world. Now people go and bow down in front of their images and salute them. Everyone now remembers that sweet Father. He has to come here. They definitely receive a lot of happiness in heaven through Him. That is why they remember Him. The Father comes when it is the end of the kingdom of Ravan and gives the kingdom of heaven. Baba only comes in Bharat. People celebrate the birthday of Shiva in Bharat, but they don’t know what they receive by doing that. The Father says: I have come to make you children sweet. You became so dirty! Baba is knowledge-full and you are now receiving all the knowledge. Only the Seed would have all the knowledge. He is the Seed, the Truth, the Living Being and also the Ocean of Knowledge. He only speaks the truth. He too is a soul, but He is the Supreme. “The Supreme Soul” means God. He always resides in the supreme abode and is the Highest on High. Many people say He is beyond name and form, but nothing without name or form can exist. His name is Shiva and everyone worships Him. He is the Incorporeal and He has now come. Previously, we were body conscious, but the Father now says: Children, may you be soul conscious! It is also written in the Gita: Manmanabhav! It is just that they have put Krishna’s name instead of Shiva’s and thereby made it false. One cannot receive a kingdom by reading books. The kingdom exists in the golden age. The Father definitely has to come at the confluence age. Now, according to the drama, devotion is coming to an end. After devotion, there is knowledge. This is the old world, whereas the golden age is the new world. The sun dynasty ruled in the golden age. This is Raja Yoga in which you change from an ordinary man into Narayan and an ordinary woman into Lakshmi. It was their kingdom in the golden age, but just look what there is in the iron age now! You are now studying once again in order to go to the golden age. All the Vedas and scriptures of the path of devotion have to be renounced. Once you have received knowledge, there is no need for devotion. We become the masters of the world through knowledge. The Father has come to give us the fruit of devotion. He is speaking knowledge to us. We definitely have to become pure from impure because impure ones cannot return home. All pure souls reside in the land of liberation. In the land of happiness, too, all souls are pure. Now, in the iron age, all are impure. Who would purify them? Only the one Father is the Purifier. The Father says: I come at the end of the last of this one’s many births. The greatest number one devotee was this Dada. You can call him Brahma or the soul of Lakshmi or Narayan. This is a deep thing which has to be understood. Brahma emerged from the navel of Vishnu and Vishnu emerged from the navel of Brahma. Vishnu becomes Brahma after 84 births. These things are not mentioned in any of the scriptures. The father also used to read the Gita. When he received knowledge and also had a vision of Vishnu and saw Baba was giving him the kingdom of the world, he immediately gave up reading the Gita. Baba had entered him. After that, he never touched it again. He began to remember the one Father alone. This one says: I began to listen to that Father. Shiv Baba says: When I spoke to the children, this one would also listen. I entered his body and this is why he is named Arjuna. In the scriptures, they have shown a horse chariot. There is so much difference! Did He sit in a horse chariot and give knowledge to just one? You now understand how that could not have been possible. You see how Baba is teaching you in a practical way! There are so many centres and so it is definitely a school, not a battlefield, that is needed to teach you. Baba teaches you Raja Yoga. In the golden age there are no scriptures. I have now related this knowledge; that’s it! There is no need for it in the golden age. Whatever there is in the old world, it will turn to dust. This is the sacrificial fire of knowledge in which the horse is sacrificed. This chariot (body) is called the horse. This too has to be sacrificed. The soul belongs to the Father and then the old body will be destroyed. You will not take those dirty bodies to the land of Krishna. Souls are immortal. When a Holika is burnt, the sweet chapatti is burnt but the thread holding it still remains. Baba explains unlimited things to you. Forget whatever you have heard up to now. Bharat has now become the land of falsehood. Yesterday, it was the land of truth. The Father made it into the land of truth and then Ravan made it into the land of falsehood. This Ravan is everyone’s oldest enemy. They just follow whatever anyone says. For instance, in the Dilwala Temple they have named Adi Dev, Mahavir. Mahavir is Hanuman. There is so much difference between them. Your accurate memorial is in that temple. Up above is heaven and below it, you are doing tapasya. They have made a golden image of Adinath. They say that Bharat used to be “The Golden Sparrow”. There isn’t as much gold anywhere else as there was in Bharat. There used to be golden palaces. The roofs and walls were studded with diamonds and jewels. There were so many diamonds and jewels in the temples. They were then looted. They put them in the mosques. What would their value have been at that time? There was plenty of wealth which was why they were looted. Everyone knows that ancient Bharat was very wealthy and it has now become so poor. One has compassion for those who are poor. Ravan has made you so insolvent. The Father is now making you solvent once again. This is an unlimited play but no one knows its beginning, middle or end. The Father is knowledge-full. It isn’t that He sits and sees what is inside each one. All of this is fixed in the drama. Whatever sin anyone commits, he definitely receives punishment for it. I am called knowledge-full and the Purifier. People call out: O Baba, come! Come and give us knowledge and purify us. I come and carry out this task. The Father says: Forget everything from the scriptures and only listen to the things I tell you. You are now studying Raja Yoga with the Father. You will become part of the sun dynasty, then the moon dynasty, the merchant dynasty and then the shudra dynasty. You have this knowledge in your intellects. You will have forgotten everything in the golden age. No one remembers the Father there. Once they have received their inheritance, why should they remember Him? Everything is explained to you so well. These things are not mentioned in any of the scriptures. The Lord of the Tree is the one Father. He says: Remember Me! Is there just the one Creator or would the pebbles and stones also be creators? The Father says: Ravan has spoilt your intellects so much. All the great scholars have so much arrogance. They don’t know the Father at all. They don’t know the beginning, middle or end of creation either. The Father says: I gave you the kingdom and you then used up all the wealth and are now begging. This is why the devilish community has been remembered. They sing so much praise of the deities. They then say: We are without virtue, we have no virtues. You children now have to imbibe virtues and remove your defects. Ravan made you become like monkeys and the Father is now making you into deities. Those who have the five vices in them are said to be monkeys. (Example of Narad). Your characters are now changing and you will then become deities. By taking a dip in this lake of knowledge, we are becoming angels of knowledge. They have then taken this to mean a lake of water. This is a matter of bathing in knowledge. You children know Baba is once again explaining to us exactly as He did 5000 years ago. There cannot be any doubt about this. Remember the Purifier Father and the land of Vishnu and you will become pure. People beat their heads so much in order to receive liberation, but no one knows about the home. Some think souls will merge and some think souls don’t take other bodies. There are innumerable opinions. No one knows the Father. The whole world thinks it is God Krishna who speaks. Here, the Father says: It is God Shiva who speaks. There is the difference of day and night. They have completely changed the name. Achcha. Both Bap and Dada say “sweetest children” because you are the children of both of them. This one is a student and you are also students. This one is also studying. Those who are engaged in the service of purifying Bharat are the children. Baba sees but doesn’t see those who don’t become pure. He feels they will experience punishment and then become cooks (in the golden age). Those who become pure will become the masters of the world.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become sweet, remember the sweet Father with a lot of love. Remain true to the true Father. Follow the elevated directions of the one Father.

2. Make effort and become perfect. Do the service of purifying Bharat. Don’t have doubts about anything.


May you see the essence of everything as an easy effort-maker and become an all-rounder.

Whatever you see and hear, understand the essence of it, and let the words you speak and the actions you perform, be full of essence and your efforts will then become easy. Such easy effort-makers become all-rounders in every situation. No defects are visible in them. They never lack courage in any situation and they never speak words such as, “I cannot do this.” Such easy effort-makers are simple-hearted and also make others simple hearted.


While using all the facilities, be detached from being influenced by them and remain loving to the Father.

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