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Brahma Kumaris Murli 06 November 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 06 November 2021

 06/11/21 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, at the confluence age you receive good intellects and elevated directions from the Father through which you change from Brahmins into deities.


Which intoxication should you children have so that your behaviour becomes very royal?


You should have the intoxication of knowledge: Oho! We are sitting personally in front of God! We will go from here and become crowned princes, the masters of the world. When you have such intoxication, your behaviour will automatically become royal and very sweet words will emerge from your mouths. There will also be a lot of love for one another.


The Flame has ignited in the happy gathering of moths.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 06 November 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 06 November 2021 (ENGLISH)

Om shanti.

Sweetest children, you spiritual children have come and become Brahmins and you have definitely understood from the spiritual Father that you are confluence-aged Brahmins. The Father has opened the locks on our intellects. We now understand that this is the confluence age. The people who are now impure and corrupt will become pure in the future and will be called pure and most elevated beings. Lakshmi and Narayan became the most elevated by making effort at some time. There has to be their history. When was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan established? Neither in the iron age nor in the golden age. Heaven is established only at the confluence age. No one goes into this much detailed expansion. You know that this is the confluence age. After the iron age, there is the golden-aged, new world and so there must definitely also be the confluence age. There would then be a new kingdom in the new world. Let your intellects work on this. You know that you are receiving good intellects and shrimat from the Father. They say: O Ishwar, give this person good understanding, that is, good directions. He is the Father of the whole world. He is the One who gives good directions to everyone. He comes at the confluence age and gives good directions to His children who are known in the scriptures as the Pandava community and the deity community. No one can understand who the Brahmin community or the deity community are. The Brahmin community can only be created through Brahma. Only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, creates this creation through Brahma. It is because there is the Father of People that there are so many Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. How can people receive salvation unless they come and take knowledge through you Brahmins? Many will come to you. Sannyasis and those of other religions will come to claim their inheritance from the Father. They don’t have parts in heaven, but they all have to be given the message that the Father has come. At this time, none of those who call themselves Hindus know about the deity religion. Those who were first satopradhan cannot call themselves deities because they have become tamo. You children know that Ravan’s kingdom exists here and that the birth of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is also called Rama, takes place here too. It is sung: The Purifier is the Rama who belongs to Sita. However, who made you impure? Who is Ravan? Why do they call out to the Purifier Father? No one knows this. No one understands that the five vices in them are Ravan. Those who do not have the five vices are part of the community of Rama. It is not the kingdom of Rama now and this is why everyone wants a new world and a pure, new kingdom. Shiv Baba is also called Rama, but they have considered Rama to be the Supreme Soul and this is why they have forgotten Shiv Baba. You can explain what the kingdom of Rama is. They have written in the scriptures that Rama’s Sita was abducted. How would it be possible for someone to abduct the queen of a king? There are many scriptures. The main scripture is the Gita. It is written in the scriptures that the Brahmin, deity and warrior religions were established through Brahma. So, the Father of People has to exist here. Brahma has so many children and they are all mouth-born creations. So many children couldn’t be born through a womb. Since Saraswati is also a mouth-born creation, she cannot be the wife of Brahma. The Father says: You become Brahmins through the mouth of Brahma. You become My children. You children know that there is so much praise of Shiv Baba. The Father is the Purifier and also the Liberator. Everyone sings this but, because they don’t understand it, you first have to give the Father’s introduction: He is the Purifier and also the God of the Gita. Shiv Baba is incorporeal and so He must definitely have spoken knowledge at some point. The body through which He speaks knowledge is named Brahma. Where else would Brahma come from? Who is the Father of Brahma? Who is the Creator of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar? These are very deep questions. People speak of the Trimurti deities, but where did they come from? The Father explains: The Creator of this one is also God, the Highest on High, who is called Shiva. These three deities are beings of light; they are not flesh and bones. However, those with gross intellects cannot understand anything. You have to explain that God is the Highest on High. He gives you the inheritance of heaven through Brahma. It is sung: It didn’t take God long to change human beings into deities. Then, they portray Brahma emerging from the navel of Vishnu. Can a baby emerge from a navel? The Father sits here and explains all the secrets, but people should at least understand! You know that a soul is said to be a sinful soul or a charitable soul. It isn’t that pure souls are the Supreme Soul. The Father, the Supreme Soul, is ever pure. Those who are tamopradhan are said to be impure. In the golden age, when there was happiness, there was no mention of sorrow. People just say that it’s heaven now. They don’t understand anything, but they will come and claim their inheritance from the Father at the end. Only you children know that you are establishing your kingdom. No others can become the masters of the world. It is only in the golden age that you rule the kingdom of the whole world. In the iron age you cannot rule the whole world. No one knows this. It is also written in the Gita that the Great War took place and that all religions were destroyed. When a banyan tree dries up and its branches rub against one another, it catches fire and the whole forest burns. Similarly, this human world tree has become totally decayed and is also to be set on fire. They will fight and totally destroy one another. They continue to manufacture materials for creating fire. There will now be fires through atomic bombs, but they don’t know this secret. The iron age, hell, will now change and become heaven. A lot of intoxication is required in this knowledge. You have to check yourselves to see whether you are maintaining this intoxication. We are the children of God and we are receiving our inheritance of heaven from Him. There has to be royalty when speaking to one another. Everything has to be learned here. You will then take these same sanskars with you. Become very sweet and also maintain great intoxication. We are the children of Shiv Baba. We are those who are going to claim a deity status and so we should speak to one another with so much love. However, as yet, flowers don’t emerge from the mouths of you children. You are so elevated! You should remember that you are the children of Shiv Baba, and that you are to become emperors in the golden age. This means that you are to become crowned princes of the world. You children should have the internal happiness that you are sitting in front of God from whom you receive the inheritance of heaven. You have to follow His shrimat. You know that your kingdom is being established. All are required in a kingdom. However, only jewels should constantly emerge from the mouths of you children. Baba is Rup and also Basant. The stories all refer to this time. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge and He rains knowledge. It isn’t that God Indra showers rain. Clouds form naturally and then they shower. In the golden age even the five elements become your slaves, whereas here, human beings have become slaves of everyone. Here, effort has to be made for everything. There, everything happens automatically. Therefore, you children should constantly remember Baba so that your mercury of happiness remains constantly high. Those people (scientists) churn a lot and you children have to churn knowledge. Sometimes, the impact of knowledge is very good and sometimes less. This is called churning knowledge. Children can see the father’s stage (Brahma Baba’s) and Baba shares his experience. Therefore, sometimes, there is a lot of enthusiasm and, at other times, less. Sometimes, very good points emerge. Sometimes, Baba also helps. You too feel this. Baba never takes a murli in his hand. When children write things for the magazines, Baba looks at them sometimes to make sure they are not making mistakes. Many very good murli points are printed in the magazines and they are sent everywhere. If murlis are not sent to some places, Baba says: What more do you want once you have taken the seven-day course and understood the knowledge of the Creator and creation? Effort has to be made to burn the five vices away; there is no other difficulty. You children can go to any spiritual gathering. There should be that enthusiasm to go and serve. When those of all religions come together, you should explain that each one’s religion is different. They speak of being brothers, but they cannot unite themselves. They just say it for the sake of saying something. The Father says: I come and make you into Brahmins and establish the deity religion. There is no other religion there. This is the same Mahabharat War. This is also mentioned in the Gita. This is the only study and the One who is teaching you is only One. The Father says: When knowledge ends, I will go back home. I have to speak knowledge at the end of the iron age and I have to come every cycle. It cannot be earlier or later by even a second. When knowledge is completed, you will reach your karmateet stage and then destruction will take place. Day by day, your service will increase. Here, no one has either purity or divine virtues. Look how great the contrast of purity there is between here and there! You are now sitting at the confluence age; this is the most elevated confluence age. You are now becoming the most elevated beings. However, there also has to be that splendour and behaviour. Stones must never emerge from your mouths; only jewels should emerge. You are now becoming as beautiful as the deities. God comes and makes you into gods and goddesses. Deities are called gods and goddesses, but no one knows who makes them that. You have the full knowledge of the Creator and creation in your intellects and you also have the responsibility of making others equal to yourselves. Many will continue to come here. Only Brahmins become spinners of the discus of self-realisation. It is only you children who experience storms of Maya. Sometimes, when there are storms, your bones break. While moving along, some even do disservice. The Father says: Don’t perform dirty actions! You are mouth-born Brahmins, whereas they are brahmins born through physical birth. There is so much difference! They take everyone on physical pilgrimages whereas yours is a spiritual pilgrimage. You are receiving your inheritance from the unlimited Father. None of them has the wisdom to understand that they are brahmins and that you are also Brahmins. However, who are the true Brahmins? Those brahmins cannot call themselves Brahma Kumars. You call yourselves Brahma Kumars and so Brahma too must definitely exist. However, because these things don’t enter their intellects, they don’t ask. Baba comes every cycle and explains these things to you children: You are Brahmins, children of Brahma; all of you are brothers and sisters. Therefore, how can you indulge in vice? If someone does indulge in vice, he is defaming the Brahmin clan. After calling yourself a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, you cannot become impure. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Churn whatever you hear in the murli. You are becoming most elevated. Therefore, your behaviour has to be very royal. Never allow stones to emerge from your mouths.

2. Understand your responsibility to make many others equal to yourselves and keep yourself engaged in doing service. Don’t do disservice by performing any dirty actions.


May you become free from all attractions and, with you constant and stable stage, experience supersensuous joy.

When you become free from any attractions of the senses and of all your relations, you will then be able to experience supersensuous joy. When you are influenced by any of the senses, the different things that attract you create obstacles to your experiencing supersensuous joy and being happy. However, when your intellect becomes free from all attractions and stabilised on one thing, all upheaval finishes. Then, by having a constant and stable stage, you experience supersensuous joy.


Always keep the line of your intellect clear and you will be able to know the feelings of others.

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