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Brahma Kumaris Murli 25 April 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 25 April 2021

 25/04/21 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 18/12/87

The deep definition of the karmateet stage.

Today Bodiless BapDada is seeing His elevated children who remain stable in the bodiless stage. Every Brahmin soul comes close to his perfect stage by having the elevated aim of becoming bodiless and karmateet. Today BapDada was seeing to what extent each of you children has come close to the karmateet and bodiless stage and to what extent you have followed Father Brahma and are still doing so. The aim of all of you is to be close to the Father and become equal to Him, but you become numberwise when it comes to doing this practically. You saw the physical example of Father Brahma staying in that body and yet remaining bodiless, that is, karmateet. So, what is the speciality of becoming karmateet? For as long as you still have that body and you are playing your part through your physical organs on this field of action, you cannot stop performing actions for even a second. "Karmateet” means to be beyond the bondage of karma while performing actions. A bondage is one thing and a relationship is something else. To enter a relationship of karma through the physical organs is a different matter from being tied in a bondage of karma. Karmic bondage makes you dependent on the limited fruit of karma. The word "dependent" proves that you are depending on someone. Those who depend on others become those who wander around like ghosts. What is the condition of a human being whom an evil soul has entered? He just wanders around under someone else's control. In the same way, if you are controlled by your actions, that is, if you are controlled by the desires of the perishable fruit of karma, then that karma will tie you in some bondage and continue to make you wander with your intellect. That is called the bondage of karma that causes you distress and others too. "Karmateet" means someone who is not dependent on karma, but someone who enters a relationship (connection) with the physical organs as their master, as an authority, someone who is detached from temporary desires and who makes the physical organs act. Let the action (karma) not make the soul, the master, dependent but, let the soul, the one with rights enable the organs to continue to perform actions. When physical organs attract you, it means you are controlled by your actions; you are dependent and tied in bondage. "Karmateet” means to be beyond this, that is, to be detached from this. It is the work of the eyes to see, but who is it that enables the eyes to perform the act of seeing? The eyes perform the action, but it is the soul that enables that action to be performed. So, when the soul that enables an action to be performed becomes dependent on the physical organs that perform the action, that is called a bondage of karma. When you become one who enables actions to be performed or makes actions happen, it is called entering a relationship of karma. A karmateet soul enters a relationship, but is not tied in bondage. Sometimes, you say: I didn't want to say that, but I just said it. I didn't want to do that, but I just did it. Such a soul is said to be a soul who is controlled by a bondage of karma. Would such a soul be said to be close or far from the karmateet stage?

Brahma Kumaris Murli 25 April 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 25 April 2021 (ENGLISH)

"Karmateet” means to be beyond, that is, separate from any bondage of the body, bodily relations, materials and lokik and alokik relationships. Although the word used is "relationship" - bodily relationships or relationships with physical relatives - if there is any dependency on the body or the relatives, then that relationship too becomes a bondage. The word "relationship" is one that gives you a lovely and unique experience. The relationships of all souls today have changed into bondages. Where relationships have taken on the form of bondages, those bondages continue to cause distress in one way or another. It will make them experience waves of sorrow or unhappiness. Although having all temporary attainments, they would experience the happiness of those attainments temporarily. Along with that happiness, one minute they will experience being embodiments of attainment, and the next minute, although having all attainments, they will experience the stage of a lack of attainment. Although full and overflowing, they will feel themselves to be empty. Although having everything, they will continue to experience that they need something else and, where souls constantly want something, there can never be any contentment. It will not be possible for their minds, their bodies or everyone else to remain constantly happy at all times. They will constantly be upset with themselves or with others due to one thing or another, even against their conscious wish, because to be upset means that they have not understood the significance of this. It means that they have not understood the significance of being one who has the right to make their physical organs act. So, they would then be upset, would they not? Those who are karmateet will never get upset because they know the significance of the relationship of karma and the bondage of karma. Perform actions, not while being dependent, but as one who has a right, as a master. "Karmateet” means one who is free from any bondage of his karmic account of past karma. Even if there is some illness of the body due to the karmic account of some past karma, or if the sanskars of the self are in conflict with the sanskars of other souls, someone who is karmateet would not be controlled by any suffering of karma, but as its master would enable that account to be settled. To settle the suffering of karma as a karma yogi is a sign of becoming karmateet. With yoga, with a smile, change the suffering of karma from a crucifix to a thorn and burn it, that is, finish the suffering of karma. Let it not take on any form of a disease. When it becomes some form of a disease, that one would constantly continue to speak of it as a disease. He would speak about it in his own mind and also through his lips. Secondly, because of it being the form of a disease, he himself will be distressed and will also make others distressed. Such a soul will cry out, whereas someone who is karmateet will manage. Some people have only a little pain and they cry out a lot, whereas others have a lot of pain and yet they manage. Because someone with a karmateet stage is the master of his body, even though he is suffering for his karma, he will have the practice of being detached. Every now and then, the experience of the bodiless stage will take him beyond his illness. Just as, when someone in pain is made unconscious with the facilities of science so that his pain is forgotten and he doesn't feel that pain due to the drowsy effect of that drug, similarly, because someone in his karmateet stage has the practice of being detached, he has this spiritual injection every now and again. Then, through this, he experiences the crucifix to be a thorn. Another thing, by following the Father, he receives special blessings from the Father's heart as the visible fruit of being especially obedient. Firstly, their own practice of being bodiless and secondly, the blessings from the Father as a result of their being obedient, change the illness, that is, the suffering of karma, from a crucifix into a thorn. An elevated, karmateet soul will change the suffering of karma with his stage of karma yoga. So, do you experience this or do you feel it is a very big thing? Is it easy or difficult? To make a small thing big or to make a big thing small depends on your own stage. To be distressed or to maintain the honour of being a master depends on you. "What has happened?" or "Whatever happened is good" depends on you. This faith can change bad into good, because due to your settling your karmic accounts and taking a practical paper from time to time, according to the drama, some things will come in front of you in a form which is good. However, at other times, some things would be good, but externally they would come in the form of loss. You would refer to this and say: It wasn't good that it was like that. Even now, situations will continue to come and they will continue to come in that form, but behind the curtain of loss, benefit is hidden. The external curtain would appear to be one of loss. If you were to be patient for a little while and have a tolerant stage and see everything with introversion, you would be able to see what is hidden behind the external curtain and, even while seeing the apparent form, you wouldn't see it. You are holy swans, are you not? Since those swans can separate stones from jewels, then holy swans would take the hidden benefit; they would find the benefit amid the loss. Do you understand? You quickly get afraid and so, what happens then? Whatever you had thought was good also changes when you are afraid. So, do not be afraid. When you see the action, do not become trapped in any bondage that action. "What happened? How did it happen? It shouldn’t happen like that. Why does it always happen to me? It is just my fortune that is like that." You continue to tie strings like this. These thoughts are strings. This is how you bind yourself in the bondage of karma. Waste thoughts are the subtle strings of the bondage of karma. A karmateet soul would say, "Whatever happens is good, I am good, the Father is good and the drama too is good. These thoughts work like scissors to cut any bondages. Once the bondages are cut you become karmateet, do you not? Because of being children of the Benefactor Father, every second of the confluence age is benevolent. At every second, your business is to bring benefit; your service is to bring benefit. The occupation of Brahmins is of world transformers, world benefactors. For souls whose intellects have such faith, every moment is definitely beneficial. Do you understand?

There are a lot more definitions in the language for "karmateet”. Just as the philosophy of karma is deep, so the definition of the karmateet stage is also very great, and it is essential to become karmateet. Without becoming karmateet, you cannot go back with the Father. Who will go back with the Father? Those who are equal. You saw Father Brahma and how he achieved his karmateet stage. To follow him in becoming karmateet means to become worthy to go back with the Father. Enough said for today. Just check this much now, and then Baba will tell you more. Achcha.

To all those who remain stable in the stage of having a right, to those who change any bondage of karma into a relationship of karma, to those who change the suffering of karma into a karma yoga stage and change a crucifix into a thorn, to those who bring benefit at every second, to those who experience being close to the karmateet stage like Father Brahma, to such special souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting groups:

1) Do you constantly experience yourselves to be the powerful children of the powerful Father? It isn’t that you are sometimes powerful and sometimes weak, are you? "Powerful” means always victorious. Those who are powerful are never defeated. They cannot be defeated even in their dreams. Always to be victorious in your dreams, thoughts and actions is known as being powerful. Are you powerful in this way? This is because those who are victorious at this time are the ones who will be worthy of being praised and worshipped in the rosary of victory over a long period of time. If you are not victorious over a long period of time, if you are not powerful, you cannot then be worthy of being praised or worshipped over a long period of time. Those who are always victorious over a long period of time are the ones who are worthy to be praised and worshipped in the rosary of victory over a long period of time, whereas those who are victorious only sometimes come into it sometimes, that is, into the rosary of sixteen thousand. So, there is an account over a long period of time and an account of always. There isn’t a rosary of sixteen thousand in all the temples, it is only in some places.

2) Do all of you experience yourselves to be hero actor souls in this unlimited drama? All of you have hero parts. Why have you become hero actors? Because you are those playing parts with the One who is the highest-on-high Father, the Zero. You, too, are zeroes, that is, points. However, you become bodily beings and the Father is always Zero. So, those who play their parts with the Zero are hero actors. If you have this awareness, you will always play your part accurately, and your attention will automatically be drawn. In a limited drama, hero actors pay so much attention. All of you have the biggest parts of all, the hero parts. Always maintain this intoxication and happiness: Wah my hero part! All the souls of the world repeatedly say, "Encore, encore!”. The devotional songs that are sung of you from the copper age are a memorial of your hero parts at this time. Such a beautiful memorial has been created. All of you have become heroes yourselves and this is why your praise has continued even until now. You are hearing your own praise even in your final birth. There is praise of Gopi Vallabh and also of the gopes and gopikas. The Father’s praise is in the form of Shiva and the children’s praise is in the form of the Shaktis. So, you are the elevated souls who always play hero parts. Continue to move forward in this awareness.

Meeting Kumars:

1) You are easy yogi kumars, are you not? Constant yogi kumars, karma yogi kumars, because kumars are able to make themselves move forward as much as they want. Why? You are free from bondage, you don’t have any burdens and you don’t have any responsibilities and this is why you are light. Because you are light, you can go as high as you want. Constant yogi and easy yogi, this is a high stage, this is what it means to go high. Those who have such a high stage are called victorious kumars. Are you victorious or are you sometimes defeated and sometimes victorious; you don’t play this game, do you? If you have the sanskars of sometimes being defeated and sometimes being victorious, you will not then experience a constant and stable stage. You will not experience being lost in the love of One.

2) You are kumars who always perform wonders in your every action, are you not? Let no action be ordinary, let it be full of wonder. Just as you sing the Father’s praise and you sing praise of His wonders, in the same way, kumars means those who show wonders in every action, not those who are sometimes like this and sometimes like that; not such that you are pulled in whichever direction you get pulled. Not to be like an urn that keeps rolling - sometimes, you roll somewhere and at other times you roll somewhere else - not like that. Become those who perform wonders. The One who is imperishable will make you imperishable; become those who issue a challenge in this way. Perform such wonders and demonstrate how each kumar is a walking and moving angel, let the angelic sparkle be experienced from a distance. You have made many programmes to serve with words and you will definitely do those, but people nowadays want some practical proof. Practical proof is the greatest proof of all. Let there be so many who are the practical proof that service happens easily. When you do angelic service, there will less hard work and you will achieve greater success. Do not serve just with words, but serve with your thoughts, words and actions, all three at the same time: this is called a wonder. Achcha.

At the time of farewell: To all the intense effort-makers everywhere, the constant servers, the ones who are always double light and make others double light too, the ones who achieve success as a right, the ones who constantly move forward, like the Father and who also enable others to move forward, to such elevated souls who always maintain zeal and enthusiasm, to such loving children, lots and lots of love and remembrance from the bottom of BapDada’s heart and good morning.


May you accumulate an income of multimillions by being cautious at every step and become a multimillionaire.

The Father cautions the children to stay in a very high stage. Therefore, now is not the time to make the slightest mistake. Now, by being cautious at every step, by earning an income of multimillions at every step, become a multimillionaire. Just as you are called multimillion times fortunate, let your actions also be the same. Let not a single step be taken that does not earn you multimillions. So, take every step according to shrimat with a lot of careful consideration. Do not mix the dictates of your own mind with shrimat.


Make your mind work under your orders and you will automatically have the stage of "Manmanabhav”.

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