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Brahma Kumaris Murli 18 April 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 18 April 2021

 18/04/21 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 14/12/87

Three specialities of the confluence-aged Brahmin life.

Today, BapDada is pleased to see all His elevated children who constantly live with Him, who serve as His constantly co-operative service companions and who will go with Him. Those who live with Him means those who are easily and naturally yogi souls. Those who are constantly co-operative companions in service means gyani souls, true servers. Those who go with Him means karmateet souls who are equal and complete. BapDada is seeing these three specialities in all the children: to what extent have you become full with all these three things? All these three specialities of the elevated Brahmin life of the confluence age are necessary. Yogi souls, gyani souls and karmateet souls equal to the Father: if there is something missing in even one of these three specialities, it means that you are not experienced in the specialities of Brahmin life, that is, you are still deprived of the full happiness and attainments of Brahmin life. BapDada gives all the children full blessings. It isn't that He gives the blessing: May you be yogi, according to your capacity! Or, May you be gyani, according to your capacity! As well as that, the confluence age is the special age of the whole cycle. This age means the period that is said to be blessed, because it is at this time that the Bestower of Blessings comes to distribute blessings. Because the Bestower of Blessings comes at this time, this time also becomes blessed. This period has this blessing. This is the time to experience total attainment of all attainments. This is the blessed time to attain the complete stage of perfection. Throughout the rest of the cycle, you receive a reward according to your actions, or you automatically continue to attain fruit according to your actions. However, at this blessed time, one step of your actions easily brings multi-million-fold help from the Father. In the golden age, you don't receive multi-million-fold for one, but you claim a right to experience what you have attained at this time as your reward. You simply continue to come down and eat what you have accumulated; your degrees continue to decrease. When the first age comes to an end, you become fourteen celestial degrees from sixteen celestial degrees, do you not? However, when did you experience the full attainment that you became sixteen celestial degrees complete? The time for that attainment is this confluence age. At this time, the Father with an open heart places in front of the children the overflowing treasure store of all attainments in the form of blessings, in the form of the inheritance and in the form of attainment as a result of your study in all three relationships, in all three forms. In keeping His account, He doesn't give according to how much you do. He gives you multi-million-fold return for one. He doesn't say: "Make your own effort and receive the reward of that!" but, as the merciful Bestower, the Bestower of Fortune and, because you have all relationships with Him, He becomes your Helper at every second. Through your one second of courage, He helps by constantly co-operating with you as though your effort has been for many years, because He knows that you are weak and tired souls who have been wandering for many births. This is why He gives His co-operation to this extent; He becomes your Helper. He Himself makes you an offer that you give Him all types of burden. He offers to carry the burden. Being the Bestower of Fortune, He makes you knowledge-full; He clearly explains to you the knowledge of elevated actions and gives you the pen with which to draw your line of fortune. You can draw as long a line of fortune as you want. He has put in your hand the key to all the overflowing treasures, and the key is so easy. If any storms of Maya come, He becomes the canopy of protection and keeps you constantly safe. What can storms do when you have the canopy of protection? He makes you into servers and also becomes the Intellect of the Wise and touches the intellects of souls through which the children's name is glorified and the Father's task is accomplished easily. He sustains you as His beloved children by giving you so much love and affection that He constantly makes you swing in many swings. He doesn't allow you to place your feet on the ground. You sometimes swing in the swing of joy, sometimes in the swing of happiness, sometimes in the swing of the Father's lap; sometimes, you continue to swing in the swings of bliss, love and peace. To swing means to enjoy yourself. All these attainments are the specialities of this blessed time. At this time, because the Bestower of Blessings is also the Bestower of Fortune, and because He is the Father who fulfils the responsibility of all relationships, the Father is merciful. To give multi-million-fold return for one is the method of this time. At the end, He will take the help of His companion who settles all karmic accounts. You do know who His companion is, do you not? This account of receiving multi-million-fold for one will have ended. At the moment He is merciful, but later the settlement of karmic accounts will begin. At this time, He even forgives you. He even forgives a very severe mistake and, as your Helper, makes you fly forward. To have realisation in your heart means to be forgiven. Here, you don't have to ask for forgiveness in the way that people of the world ask for forgiveness. The method of realisation is the forgiveness. So, have realisation in your heart. If you ask for forgiveness because someone said so or with the aim of changing the situation at that time, forgiveness is not granted. Some children are still clever. They see the atmosphere and say: "At least let me realise this at this time, ask for forgiveness, and we will see what happens later…” However, the Father too is knowledge-full. He knows, He smiles and leaves it alone, but He doesn't forgive. You will not achieve success without using the right method, will you? The method is just one step and the result is multi-million steps. However, the method of that one step should at least be accurate, should it not? So, you were told how many specialities this time has and how this time is blessed.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 18 April 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 18 April 2021 (ENGLISH)

If you don't claim blessings at the time of blessings, at what other time would you claim them? When the time ends, then, according to the time, the specialities of this time will also end. Therefore, whatever you want to do, whatever you want to take, whatever you want to create, do that and create that at the time of the Father's help, in the form of a blessing. You won't receive this diamond chance again. You heard about the specialities of this time. On the basis of the specialities of the time, become full of the three specialities of Brahmin life you were told about. The special slogan of all of you is: Be yogi and be pure. Be gyani and be karmateet. Since you have to go back with the Father, it is only those who are always with Him who will go back with Him. How can those who are not always with Him go back with Him? In that case, you wouldn't be ready to go with Him on time because to become equal to the Father means to be ready. To be equal means to place your hand in Baba’s hand and be in His company. What would happen otherwise? If you keep getting left behind while looking at those who are ahead, that isn't being a companion, is it? The companions will go together. To stay in His company over a long time to be co-operative as a companion: it is this sanskar over a long time that will make you a companion and enable you to be taken with Him. If you don't stay with Him, even now, it proves that you are staying at a distance. So, the sanskar of staying at a distance will make you experience being at a distance at the time of going back with Him. Therefore, check all three specialities from now. Always stay with Him. Be the Father's constant companion and do service. The Father is the One who makes you act and you are an instrument who acts. Service will then never make you fluctuate. When you are alone, you have the consciousness of "I". Then Maya, the cat, also miaows. You say, "mai (I), mai" and she says, "Me ouw, (I come), me ouw". Maya is said to be a cat, is she not? So, be a companion and do service. The definition of becoming karmateet is also very deep. Baba will tell you about it at some other time.

Today, simply check these three things and to what extent you have taken benefit of the specialities of this time. To know the importance of the time means to become great. Just as it is important to know oneself and to know the Father, in the same way, it is also essential to know the time. So, do you understand what you have to do? Before BapDada sits and announces the results, see your own result. This is because when BapDada announces the results, and you hear the results, you will think: They have now been announced, and so what can I do now? Now, I am fine as I am and what I am. This is why BapDada still says: Check this and check that. Baba is telling you the results indirectly because you have been told in advance that He will give you the results and you have also been given time. You have sometimes been given six months and sometimes a year. Then some even think that the six months are up and Baba hasn't yet told us anything. However, as you have been told, there is now still some time for Baba to be merciful and for blessings. At present, Chitragupt (the one who takes the account) is incognito. He will be revealed later. This is why the Father still has mercy, "OK, give them one more year; after all, they are children." What can the Father not do if He wants? He can announce everything about each and every one. Some think that He is the Innocent Lord. So, some children even now continue to treat Baba as though He is innocent. He is the Innocent Lord, but He is also the Great Death. He is not showing that form to the children now. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to stand in front of Him. This is why He becomes the Innocent Lord. While knowing everything, He becomes ignorant, but why? To make the children complete. Do you understand? On seeing all of these scenes, BapDada continues to smile. What games you play! He continues to watch them all. Therefore, check the specialities of Brahmin life in yourself and make yourself complete. Achcha.

To all the souls from everywhere, the yogi souls, gyani souls, karmateet, elevated souls who are equal to the Father, to the great souls who become great knowing the importance of the self and the time, to the pure and sensible children with broad and clean intellects who constantly take the benefit of having all relationships with the Father and of the attainments, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

Do you constantly experience yourselves to be master almighty authority souls who are full of all powers? The Father has given the treasure of all powers as your inheritance. So, all the powers are your inheritance, that is, they are your treasures. Your treasures stay with you, do they not? The Father gave them and so they became the children's. So, you automatically remember that which belongs to you. All of those things are perishable things whereas this inheritance and the powers are imperishable. It isn't that today you receive the inheritance and tomorrow, it is finished. They are not such treasures that you have them today but someone would burn or loot them tomorrow. The more you spend them, the more they increase. The more you distribute the treasures of knowledge, the more they will continue to increase. You will automatically continue to attain all facilities. So, you have the happiness that you have claimed your inheritance for all time, do you not? This inheritance is so elevated. Nothing is unattained; you have all attainments. Achcha.

At the time of farewell at amrit vela, BapDada meeting the Dadis and Dadi Nirmalashanta.

There is service in every step of the maharathis. Whether you say anything or not, there is service in every action and at every step. You cannot stay without doing service for even a second. Whether you are serving through your mind, serving through words or through relations and connections, you are constant yogis and constant servers. It is good. You are going to distribute and serve others with the treasures you have accumulated in Madhuban. For the maharathis to remain at any place also becomes a physical support for souls. Just as the Father is the canopy of protection, in the same way, the children who are equal to the Father also become canopies of protection. Everyone is so happy to see you. So, this is a blessing for all the maharathis. Your eyes have a blessing, your forehead has a blessing; how many blessings you have! All the physical organs that perform actions have a blessing. What do people think when you look at them? They all understand that they experience the Father's eyes through the eyes of you souls. So the eyes have a blessing, do they not? The mouth has a blessing, that face has a blessing, every step has a blessing. You have so many blessings. Will you count them? You give blessings to others, but you have already received blessings in advance. Whatever step you take, your apron is filled with blessings. They show an image of Lakshmi, of how everyone continues to receive wealth from her hands. It isn't just for a short time, for she becomes a goddess of wealth for all time and continues to distribute wealth. So, whose image is that?

So, you have so many blessings. The Father says that there are no more blessings left. So, what should He give? You are moving along decorated with blessings. It is said: He just waved His hand and blessings were received. So, the Father gave the blessing of, "May you be equal." Through this, you received all blessings. When the father became avyakt, he gave all the children the blessing of "May you become equal." He didn't give this to only those who were in front of him; he gave it to everyone. All the mahavirs were in front of the Father in a subtle form and they received this blessing. Achcha.

All of you have everyone's blessings and medicine too. This is why even a big illness becomes something small. It shows its form, but it cannot attack you. It shows the form of changing from a crucifix to a thorn. However, you always have the Father's hand and His company. At every step and in every word, you continue to receive blessings and medicine from the Father. Therefore, remain carefree. (When will I become free from this?) Become so free that you can then come to the subtle region. Others also receive power through this. Your illness serves you. So, the illness is not an illness, but a means of doing service. Otherwise, everyone would think that all of you have help and that you don't have any experience of anything else. However, this shows its form slightly to make you experienced and for you to serve others to give them courage. Otherwise, everyone would be disheartened. You just see a slight form, as a sample, but most of your account has been settled. Only a slight trace of it remains. Achcha.

Double foreigners: To have good wishes for every soul in your heart is to receive thanks from the heart. Every child continues to receive thanks from the Father's heart at every step. The confluence age is said to be the time to give thanks to all souls for all time. The whole of the confluence age is Thanksgiving Day. Constantly continue to give one another good wishes and pure feelings just as the Father also gives them. Achcha.


May you triumph over obstacles and overcome them by imbibing happiness and power.

The children who know how to accumulate become powerful. If you earn something one moment and immediately give it away it but do not accumulate any of it in yourself, you then have no power left; you simply have the happiness of sharing or donating. As well as happiness, you also need power and you will then easily be able to overcome obstacles and triumph over them. No obstacles will then create any disturbance in your love. Then, just as the sparkle of happiness is visible on your face, so the sparkle of power will also be visible.


Instead of being afraid of adverse situations, consider them to be your teacher and learn a lesson from them.

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