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Improving Health

This is advice given to solve health issue with the help of Rajyoga Meditation as taught the God himself. God is the supreme surgeon, with his powers any disease whether of body (mental+physical) or soul (five vices) can be treated. Here is step by step guidance.

Original Email Received
Om shanti , My mother (Narasamma-83yrs) suffering from indigestion,constipation,body pains.She also using medicines all problems but no improvement. Now my mother is taking care by my sister,she is also mentally retarded.Frequently her eyes are moving up then she is unable to take care of mother (very frequently every 3 days last for 6 to 8 hrs on that day).So I started meditation for my mother health recovery from September,2018 till now & doing daily 30 min to 1Hour meditation.Still my mother unable to walk.Please suggest me any solutions

Email Response + Guidance

To: Anjaneya Reddy and everyone reading this
From: Prajapati Brahma kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalaya (Brahma kumaris world spiritual university)

Omshanti, If you’ve not taken 7 days Rajyoga Meditation course then it is most recommend for you, your mother and sister to attend the course.. The course is also available online here. Or visit your nearest BK rajyoga centre.
1. For your mother and sister’s health problems, it is recommend to YOU to give SAKASH in morning (Amritvela- 2 to 4 am). Choose any one hour – 2 to 3/ 3 to 4 (recommend) /4 to 5.
● Create powerful thought-Mai atma master sarvashaktiman hoon. And then emerge your mother and sister in front of you and give them healing vibrations. Feel that healing white rays are going towards them.
● How to give sakash (please go to these links )-
a) During illness -

b) watch ”Samadhan” TV series by Bk Suraj –
Use and search ‘how to give sakash’ to know more.
2. Engage your mother and sister in thinking right. By this we mean, surround them with pure vibrations. For this, start by listening divine songs. Here is our selected playlist of 130 good songs:
a) Feed them pure food (Brahma bhojan i.e Satvik Food)-
b) charge Water everyday during amritvela and give this water yo your mother and sister. Do this for 21 days. It has shown magical results. (Most recommend)
Effect of drinking charged water:

c) We listen Gyan Murli everyday. This is our food. You also should START to listen this God’s Murli. How? First know What is Murli
and then visit for daily murli in 25 languages.
3. Don’t skip on medical treatment, take proper medicines and health care. Gyan – yog is 70% and medicines – 30%
Follow all these steps. God Incorporeal God Shiva, sweetly called as Shivbaba, is with everyone who follows this way. With you and your family. Everything will solve soon.
Share your progress and contact again in case of further query.
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