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Brahma Kumaris Murli 27 June 2021 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 27 June 2021

 27.06.21       Morning Murli        Om Shanti   26.01.88   BapDada       Madhuban

The alokik way to become a number one worthy-of-worship soul at the confluence age.

Today, the eternal (Anadi) Father and the first, original (adi) father are seeing their eternal saligram children and the original (adi) Brahmin children in their double form. In the form of saligrams you are supremely worthy of worship and in the form of Brahmins, who become deities, you are worthy of praise and worthy of worship. Both fathers, the original and the eternal, are pleased to see the souls who are worthy of worship in both forms. The eternal Father has made Adi Pita (original father) Father Brahma and also the Brahmin children even more worthy of worship than Himself, in the double form. The eternal Father is only worshipped in the one incorporeal form, whereas Brahma, along with the Brahmin children, are worshipped double – in both their incorporeal and corporeal forms. So, the Father makes the children greater in two ways, even greater than Himself.

Today, BapDada was seeing the specialities of the children. Each child's speciality is his own. Some children, knowing the specialities of the Father and all the Brahmin souls, imbibe all those specialities themselves and become elevated, that is, special souls. Others are happy to know and see the specialities, but they don't have the courage to imbibe all the specialities themselves. Even though every soul of the Brahmin family has a speciality, some do not look at the importance of each one’s speciality, but just see one another with ordinary vision. They don’t have the practice of seeing or knowing the speciality. Or, because of not having an intellect that picks up virtues, that is, because of not having an intellect that can imbibe virtues, they are unable to recognise the speciality or virtue. Every Brahmin soul is definitely filled with one speciality or another. Even if it is the last bead of the rosary of 16,000, he definitely has one speciality or another, for this is why the Father's vision falls on that soul. When God's vision falls on that one, or when God makes that one belong to Him, there is definitely one speciality or another merged in that one. This is why that soul has come into the list of Brahmins. However, you become numberwise in constantly seeing and knowing the speciality of each one. BapDada knows that, no matter how weak you are in imbibing knowledge, in service or in remembrance, you do have a broad intellect with which to know the Father and to belong to Him and that you have divine vision with which to see Him. You have this speciality. Even well-known scholars of today cannot know or recognise Him, but you souls know Him. You have at least come into the list of those who are a handful out of multimillions, a few out of that handful. This is why you have become special souls out of multimillions. Why have you become special? Because you belong to the highest-on-high Father.

Out of all souls, Brahmin souls are special. It is just that some use their specialities and this is why that speciality, which others are able to see, continues to increase. Others have the seed of speciality in them, but to use that is to sow that seed in the ground. Until a seed is sown in the ground a tree cannot grow from it; it cannot grow. Some children make the seed of speciality grow, that is, it grows into the form of a tree. It even bears fruit, but when the fruit comes, birds come to the fruit to eat it. So, when the fruit starts appearing Maya also comes in the form "I am special", "This is my speciality." You don't understand that you have received that speciality from the Father, that it is the Father who has filled you with that speciality. It was when you became a Brahmin that you developed that speciality. It is a gift of Brahmin life, a gift from the Father. This is why it is necessary to pay this attention after the fruit has come, that is, after you have had success in service. Otherwise, birds in the form of Maya eat the fruit or make it fall off the tree. A damaged idol cannot be worshipped; it is accepted as an idol but it cannot be worshipped. In the same way, there are those Brahmin souls who receive the fruit of service, that is, they receive success in service, but the birds of the consciousness of "I" have damaged the fruit. Therefore, it is accepted that they do very good service, that they are maharathis and are serviceable but, even at the confluence age, they cannot become worthy of love in the hearts of the whole Brahmin family and so will not become worthy of worship.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 27 June 2021 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 27 June 2021 (ENGLISH) 

To receive love and regard from the hearts at the confluence age is to become worthy of worship. Those who bring about the consciousness of "I" in the fruit cannot become worthy of worship. It is one thing in your heart to consider someone to be higher, for to be higher means to be worthy of worship. In today's world, because their father is higher, children call him or write to him, "worthy of worship father". To consider someone to be higher in your heart means to give regard from your heart. It is another thing when you have to give regard according to the external code of conduct. So, there is so much difference between giving from your heart and having to give. To become worthy of worship means that everyone accepts you with their heart, or the majority do. You were told earlier too that five per cent may not, but the majority should accept you from their hearts, and that this is becoming worthy of worship at the confluence age. It is from now that you have to fill yourselves with the sanskars of being worthy of worship. However, there is a difference in being worthy of worship on the path of devotion and being worthy of worship now. Your bodies cannot be worshipped now, because they are your last, old bodies; they are bodies made of tamoguni elements. You will not be garlanded with a garland of flowers now. On the path of devotion, people offer flowers to the deities. The sign of being worthy of worship is that they light incense sticks, they garland idols, they do arti (special form of worship with lamps), they sing devotional songs and apply a tilak. At the confluence age, you do not have those gross methods. However, at the confluence age, people continue to do arti with true love in their hearts for those worthy-of-worship souls. They constantly continue to sing songs about one or another form of attainment from such souls. They constantly light lamps or incense of good wishes for those souls. Just as you souls have surrendered yourselves to the Father, in the same way, other souls should also receive from you the enthusiasm to surrender themselves to the Father. So those souls automatically receive the garlands of surrendering to the Father. Such souls constantly wear the tilaks of embodiments of remembrance. Souls become worthy of worship at this time in this alokik way.

The worship of the present time is more elevated than being worthy of worship on the path of devotion. From just a few moments' connection with worthy-of-worship souls of the path of devotion, that is, just by going in front of that idol, they experience peace, power and happiness for a few moments. In the same way, even now, by receiving a few moments drishti from confluence-aged worthy-of-worship souls, you experience happiness, peace and the power of zeal and enthusiasm. Such worthy-of-worship souls are number one special souls. You have already been told about the second and third numbers. What can we say about them? All are in the list of special souls, but it is numberwise - one, two, three… The aim of everyone is to be number one. So, become worthy of worship in this way. You sing praise of the virtues of Father Brahma, do you not? You have seen or heard about all of those specialities in Father Brahma for becoming worthy of worship and all of the things for becoming a number one special soul. Just as Brahma, that soul in a corporeal form, became number one worthy-of-worship at the confluence age, he also becomes number one worthy-of-worship in the future. Lakshmi and Narayan are number one worthy of worship, are they not? In the same way, all of you can also become the same.

Just as you sing of the wonder of Father Brahma along with the Father, in the same way, let all of you always have such thoughts, words and deeds that are a wonder. When there are wonders (kamaal), there won't be upheaval (dhamaal). When you don't perform kamaal, there is dhamaal - whether in your thoughts or words. When you have a storm of waste in your thoughts, that is an upheaval, is it not? You don't have to create an upheaval, but perform a wonder, because the Brahmin children of Adi Pita Brahma are always remembered as being worthy of worship. Even in the last birth, which clan is remembered as the highest? It is said to be the Brahmin clan, is it not? It is an elevated name, and, for carrying out an elevated task, people would only call brahmins. To bring benefit to anyone, they would only call brahmins. So even until the last birth, the elevated name and the elevated task of Brahmins are well known. They have continued from time immemorial. They are carrying on with their task even just with their name. It is your work, but the work of those with just the name is also being carried out. From this, you can see how much praise there is of the true Brahmin souls and how great they are. Even the name "Brahmin" has become imperishable. Your life has become one with imperishable attainment. The speciality of Brahmin life is less labour and greater attainment, because there is no labouring in front of love. Even in this last birth, Brahmins don't labour, they continue to eat comfortably. If you do the work of just your name, you cannot remain hungry. So, you are seeing the signs of the specialities of the Brahmin life of this time even now. You are such elevated special souls. Do you understand?

Those who are worthy of worship at the present time are also worthy of worship in the future. They are known as special number one souls. So check. Baba is telling you the story of Father Brahma; more still remains. Always keep these specialities of Father Brahma in front of you. Do not engage yourself in other matters; only see and speak about specialities. Relate the importance of specialities to everyone and make them special. To make others that means to become special yourself. Do you understand? Achcha.

To all the number one special souls from everywhere, to all the special souls who have a Brahmin life, to the children who are becoming equal to Father Brahma by constantly always keeping him in front of them, to all the saligrams and Brahmin souls in their corporeal forms, heart-filled love, remembrance and namaste from both the eternal Father and the original father.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. Do you consider yourselves to be so fortunate that you always have the Father's hand and His company? When you have the Father's hand and His company, you constantly have a life of pleasure. You would not be one who is confused, but one who stays in pleasure. No situation will pull you to itself; you will always be attracted to the Father. The greatest and most beautiful is the Father. Therefore, no object or person, apart from the Father, can attract you. The minds of those who are being sustained by the Father's hand and His company cannot go anywhere else. So, are all of you like this or are you sustained by Maya? That path is closed, is it not? So, always enjoy the Father's company. You have found the Father and so you have found everything; there is nothing unattained. No matter how much someone tries to free you from His hand and company, you cannot let go of it. Even if you were to let go, where would you go? There cannot be any other fortune greater than this. Kumaris are always fortunate anyway. You have double fortune. One is the fortune of a kumari life and the second is the fortune of belonging to the Father. Kumari life is worshipped. When a kumari life is over, she has to bow down to everyone. A household life is a life like that of a goat whereas kumari life is a worthy-of-worship life. If someone falls even once, all her bones break. Then, no matter how much plaster is put on or how much you try to put it right, the bone becomes weak. So, be sensible! Don't be sensible after tasting it.

2. Do you always experience yourselves to be the victorious souls of every cycle? You have played the part of being victorious many times and are playing that part now too. Victorious souls always make other souls victorious too. Anything that is done many times is always easy; it doesn’t require any effort. With the awareness of being a soul who has been victorious many times, it feels like a game to overcome any situation and experience happiness. Victorious souls experience victory to be their right. You do not receive a right by making effort, you receive it automatically. So, constantly continue to move forward in the happiness of victory and a right and also enable others to move forward. While living with your lokik family, transform the lokik into alokik, because an alokik relationship is one that gives happiness. Through lokik relationships you receive temporary happiness, not permanent. So, you have become constantly happy. Do you experience that you have moved away from the world of those who are unhappy into a world of happiness? Previously you were the children of Ravan and so you were those who cause sorrow, whereas you have now become the children of the Bestower of Happiness, embodiments of happiness. The first number is this family of alokik Brahmins, and the deities have become the second number. So, you love this alokik life, do you not?

3. Do you constantly experience yourself to be multimillion times fortunate? Throughout the whole cycle, you cannot attain such elevated fortune even in the future heaven, because you receive the fortune of the kingdom as a reward of the efforts made at the present time. You receive the future fortune on the basis of the present fortune. It is the fortune of the present time that has importance. It is at this time that you sow the seed of the fruit that you receive for many births. So, it is the seed that has importance, does it not? At this time, to create fortune or to receive fortune is to sow the seed. So, constantly continue to move along with intense effort with this attention and let the multimillion times fortune of the present time always be emerged in your awareness. While performing actions, remember that you should not forget your elevated fortune in those actions. Remain an embodiment of remembrance. This is known as being multimillion times fortunate. Always keep the blessing of this awareness with you and you will easily continue to move forward and become free from having to labour. Achcha.

Question: By using which method can your intellect continue to make the right decisions in lokik relationships?

Answer: Never think about lokik situations when making a decision. Decide whilst in a powerful, alokik stage. When you keep things of the past in your awareness, your intellect is diverted to those. The sanskars of the past then also emerge and you therefore find it difficult. Completely forget your lokik attitude, consider yourself to be a soul and then make a decision and it will be an accurate decision. This is known as the throne of a conqueror of sinful actions. The alokik, soul-conscious stage is the throne of the stage of a conqueror of sinful actions. So, make a decision when sitting on this throne and it will be accurate. Achcha.

May you be full of all powers and be free from all bondages with the awareness of the Companion and of being a detached observer.

In order to be full of all powers and be beyond any dependency, always remember two things: 1) Detached observer. 2) Companion. By doing this, you will quickly make your stage that of being free from bondage. When you have the company of the Almighty Authority Father, you automatically receive all powers and by moving along as a detached observer, you will not get trapped by any bondage. Simply stay in your body in name to carry out that task and then become a detached observer. Especially increase this practice.

If there is a battle going on within you between the impure and the pure, then, instead of being a Brahmin, you are a warrior. 

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