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Brahma Kumaris Murli 17 October 2020 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 17 October 2020

 17/10/2020 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you have to make everyone into a resident of the land of angels. You are those who benefit everyone. Your duty is to make the poor wealthy.


Which of the Father's names are ordinary, even though the task He carries out with those names is very great?


Baba is called the Master of the Garden and the Boatman. These names are very ordinary, yet to take across those who are drowning is such a great task. Just as a swimmer holds on to someone's hand to be taken across, so too, by taking the Father's hand, you become residents of heaven. You are also master boatmen; you show everyone the way to take their boat across.

Brahma Kumaris Murli 17 October 2020 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 17 October 2020 (ENGLISH)

Om shanti

You children would be sitting in remembrance. Even though you have bodies, you have to consider yourselves to be souls. It isn't that you are sitting here without bodies. The Father says: Let go of body consciousness and sit here in the stage of soul consciousness. Soul consciousness is pure, whereas body consciousness is impure. You know that we are becoming pure and clean by becoming soul conscious. By becoming body conscious we became impure and unclean. People call out: O Purifier, come! There used to be the pure world but it is now impure. So, there will definitely be the pure world once again. The world cycle will continue to turn. Those who know this world cycle are called spinners of the discus of self-realisation. Each of you is a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. The self, the soul, has received the knowledge of the world cycle. Who gave this knowledge? He too must surely be the Spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Only the Father can teach you; no human being can teach you. The Father, the Supreme Spirit, is teaching you children. He says: Children, become soul conscious. There is no need for this knowledge or these teachings to be given in the golden age, nor is there any devotion there. You receive your inheritance through this knowledge. The Father gives you shrimat; this is the way you become elevated. You know that you were in a graveyard (kabristhan) and that the Father is now making you into elevated residents of the land of angels (paristhan). This old world is to be turned into a graveyard. The land of death is called the graveyard. The new world is called the land of angels (Paristhan). The Father explains the secrets of the drama. This whole world is called a haystack. Baba has explained that Ravan’s kingdom now extends over the whole world. People celebrate Dashera (the burning of Ravan's effigy) and they become so happy. The Father says: In order to liberate all of you children from sorrow, I too have to come into Ravan's old world. There is a story told about this. Someone was asked what he wanted first: happiness or sorrow. He replied that he wanted happiness first, because, if he went into happiness, none of the demons of death could go there. That is just a story. The Father also tells you that death never enters the land of happiness. That is the land of immortality; you conquer death. You become such almighty authorities. There, you never say that so-and-so has died. There is no mention of death there. They just change their costumes and put on others. Just as a snake sheds its skin, so you too shed your old skins, that is, you enter new bodies. There, even the five elements are satopradhan. Everything becomes satopradhan. Everything, including the fruit etc., is the best. The golden age is called heaven. There, they are very wealthy. No one else can be such a happy master of the world as they are. You now know that you are the same ones. Therefore, you should have so much happiness. You have to make everyone into a resident of the land of angels. You have to bring benefit to many. You become very wealthy. Everyone else is poor. Until you put your hand in His hand, you cannot become a resident of heaven. Not everyone will take the Father's hand; only you take the Father's hand. Others then take your hands. Others will then take the hands of others, just as swimmers take others across to the other side, one by one. You are also master boatmen. Many of you are becoming boatmen. This is your business. We are showing everyone the way to take their boats across. Children of the Boatman also become boatmen. The names of God, the Boatman and the Master of the Garden are so ordinary. You can now see this in a practical way. You are now establishing the land of angels. Your memorials are in front of you. You are shown doing the tapasya of Raj Yoga on the ground and your kingdom is shown above you. The name "Dilwala" is very good. The Father wins everyone's heart. He grants salvation to everyone. Who is it that wins your hearts? No one knows this. Shiv Baba is also the Father of Brahma. It is the unlimited Father who wins everyone's heart. He even brings benefit to the elements, etc. This too has been explained to you children. The scriptures of all the other religions, etc remain permanently. You receive this knowledge at the confluence age. Then destruction takes place and none of the scriptures remain. All the scriptures are signs of the path of devotion. This is knowledge. You can recognize the difference, can you not? There is a lot of devotion. They spend so much when they worship the goddesses etc. The Father says: They receive temporary happiness by doing that. Whatever devotional feelings they have, they are fulfilled. While decorating and worshipping the goddesses, they have visions and they become very happy with just that. However, there is no benefit in that. Meera’s name has also been remembered. There is the rosary of devotees. Of the females it is Meera and of the males it is Narad who are remembered as the most elevated devotees. It is also numberwise for you children. There are many beads in a rosary. At the head is Baba, the Flower (the tassel), and then there is the dual-bead. Everyone salutes the Flower. Everyone salutes each bead. When they create a sacrificial fire of Rudra, they worship Shiva the most. They don't worship the saligrams as much. Their full attention is on Shiva because it was through Shiv Baba that the saligrams became so clever, just as you are now becoming pure. You children of the Purifier Father are master purifiers. If you don’t show others the path, you will receive a status only worth a few pennies. Nevertheless, at least you have met the Father. That is not a small thing. The Father of all is that One. You wouldn’t say this of Krishna. Whose father does Krishna become? Krishna isn’t called a father. You can't call a child a father. Only when he becomes part of a couple and creates children can he be called a father. They would then call him father. No one else can call him father. However, an elderly man can also be called father (Bapuji). This one is the Father of everyone. They sing about brotherhood. By saying that God is omnipresent, it becomes a fatherhood. You children will have to explain in very large gatherings. Before you go and give a lecture, you should always first churn that topic and write about it. The Father doesn’t have to churn the ocean of knowledge. He only tells you what He told you a cycle ago and then He goes back. You have to explain the topics. First write it down and then read it back. After having given the lecture, you then remember the particular points that you didn't share: "It would have been better if I had explained this.” It happens like that. You forget one point or another. First of all, tell them: Brothers and sisters, sit in soul consciousness. Never forget this. No one writes such news. First of all, tell everyone: Sit in soul consciousness. You souls are imperishable. The Father has now come and is giving you knowledge. The Father says: By remembering Me your sins will be absolved. Don't remember bodily beings. Consider yourselves to be souls. We are residents of that place. Our Baba is Shiva, the Benefactor, and we souls are His children. The Father says: Be soul conscious. I am a soul. Your sins will be absolved by having remembrance of the Father. You won't be absolved of them by bathing in the Ganges etc. The Father's direction is: Remember Me. Those people study the Gita and quote it: Whenever there is extreme irreligiousness, I come. They say this, but they don't understand the meaning of it. The Father gives you advice on how to do service. Shiv Baba says: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember Shiv Baba. They believe that Krishna said that. You say that Shiv Baba is telling us children: Remember Me. The more you remember Me, the more satopradhan you will become and the higher the status you will claim. Your aim and objective is also in front of you. You have to claim a high status by making effort. Those elsewhere will claim a high status in their own religion. We don't go into the religions of others; they come later on. They know that Paradise existed before them. Bharat is the most ancient land but no one knows when it existed. They call them gods and goddesses, but the Father says: They shouldn't be called gods and goddesses. I alone am God. You are Brahmins. The Father is not called a Brahmin. He is God, the Highest on High. He has no bodily name. All of you have names for your bodies. A soul is just a soul. He is the Supreme Soul. The name of that Soul is Shiva. He is incorporeal. He has neither a subtle nor a physical body. This doesn’t mean that He doesn’t have a form. Anything that has a name definitely has a form. Nothing exists without name or form. It is such great ignorance to say that God, the Father, is beyond name and form. If the Father were beyond name and form, and the children were also beyond name and form, there would then be no world. You can now explain very well. The gurus will understand at the end. They are ruling now. You are now becoming doubly non-violent. The supreme religion of non-violence of the deities has been remembered as the doubly non-violent religion. To hit someone physically or to cause sorrow is also a form of violence. Every day the Father explains: Never cause sorrow with your thoughts, words or deeds. Something will definitely enter your thoughts. In the golden age, nothing like that will enter your thoughts. Here, it enters your thoughts, words and deeds. You will not hear these words there, nor are there any gatherings of truth (satsangs), etc. there. The only gathering of truth is with the Truth in order to become true. Only the one Father is the Truth. The Father sits here and tells you the story of becoming true Narayan from an ordinary man. By listening to this, you become Narayan. Then, later, you listen with a great deal of love on the path of devotion to the story of becoming true Narayan. Look how good your memorial, the Dilwala Temple, is. The Father must definitely have won everyone’s heart at the confluence age. Adi Dev, Devi and the children are sitting here. This is the real memorial. No one except you knows its history and geography. It is your memorial. This too is a wonder. When you go to Lakshmi and Narayan's temple, tell them that you are becoming that. Christ is also here. Many say that Christ is now in his beggar form somewhere. "Tamopradhan” means that he is a beggar, does it not? He definitely takes rebirth. Prince Shri Krishna is also now a beggar: the ugly and the beautiful one. You know what Bharat was and what it has now become. The Father is the Lord of the Poor. People make donations to the poor and perform charity in the name of God. Many don’t even have enough grain. As you progress, you will see that even the wealthy won’t receive enough grain. In every town there are wealthy ones who are robbed by bandits. There is a difference in the status, is there not? The Father says: Make such effort that you claim number one. It is the duty of the Teacher to caution you. You have to pass with honours. This is an unlimited pathshala. This Raj Yoga is to establish the kingdom. The destruction of the old world is to happen again. Otherwise, where would you rule? This land is impure. People say that the Ganges is the Purifier. The Father says: All five elements are impure at this time. All the dirt and rubbish goes into the ocean. Fish etc. also live in that. It is as though that is a world of water. So many species live in water. People get so much food from the big oceans. So, that too is like a town, is it not? How can a town be called the Purifier? The Father explains: Sweetest children, only the one Father is the Purifier. You souls and your bodies have become impure. Now remember Me and you will become pure. You are becoming beautiful masters of the world. There are no other continents there. It is Bharat that has an allround part. All of you are allrounders. In a play, all the actors enter, numberwise. It is the same here. Baba says: Just understand that God is teaching you. We are students of the Purifier, God, the Father. Everything is included in this. The Purifier is included in this and He is also the Guru and the Teacher. He is the Father too. He is also incorporeal. This is the Incorporeal Godfatherly World University. It is such a good name. People praise God so much. When they hear of a point, they become amazed. They praise God so much and yet what is He? Just a point. He has such a great part recorded in Him. The Father now says: While being in a body and living at home with your family, constantly remember Me alone. Those who do intense devotion on the path of devotion are called satopradhan, intense devotees. Their devotion is so intense. You now need an intense speed of remembrance. Only the names of those who practise intense remembrance will be glorified. They will become the beads of the rosary of victory. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1.  In order to become Narayan from an ordinary man, listen to the true Father every day. Keep the company of the Truth. Never cause anyone sorrow with your thoughts, words or deeds.

2.  In order to become a bead of the rosary of victory and pass with honours, increase your speed of remembrance. Become a master purifier and serve everyone to make them pure.


May you be a karma yogi and finish all karmic bondages with the awareness of your birth of dying alive.

This divine birth of dying alive is not a life of karmic bondage; it is a karma yogi life. In this alokik, divine life, Brahmin souls are independent, not dependent. Those bodies are taken on loan and the Father is filling all the old bodies with power and making them act to serve the whole world. It is the Father’s responsibility, not yours. The Father has given you directions on how to act. You are free and the One who is making everyone move is doing that. With this special inculcation, finish all karmic bondages and become a karma yogi.


The foundation of an attitude of unlimited disinterest is the closeness of time.

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