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Brahma Kumaris Murli 25 February 2020 (ENGLISH) Madhuban BK Murli Today

Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris English – 25 February 2020

25/02/2020 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, to know the Father accurately, as He is and what He is, and to remember Him is the main thing. Explain this aspect to human beings with great tact.
What do you only study here which is for the whole universe?
The study for the whole universe is: You are a soul. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father and you will become pure. The One who is the Father of the whole universe only comes in this one age to purify everyone. Only He gives the knowledge of the Creator and creation. Therefore, this is, in fact, the only university. You children have to explain this aspect very clearly.
Brahma Kumaris Murli 25 February 2020 (ENGLISH)
Brahma Kumaris Murli 25 February 2020 (ENGLISH)
Om shanti
God speaks. You spiritual children definitely understand who God is. No one in Bharat knows this accurately. He also says: No one knows Me accurately, as I am or what I am. You too are numberwise. You know, numberwise, according to your efforts. Although you live here, you don’t know Me accurately. To know the Father accurately and remember Him is very difficult. Some children might say that it is easy but you have to know Me as I am and constantly remember Me, the Father. The wise thing to keep in your intellects is I, the soul, am very tiny. My Baba, the Point, is also tiny. For half a cycle, no one even mentions God’s name. People only remember Him in sorrow: Oh God! No human being understands who God is. You should now churn the ocean of knowledge about how to explain to human beings. The name, “Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University”, is written. In spite of this, they don’t understand that this is also the unlimited spiritual Father’s World Spiritual University. What name can it be given so that human beings understand quickly? How can it be explained to people that this is a university? The word “university” has emerged from the word "universe". Universe means the whole world. This is called a university, in which all human beings can study. It is a university for the people of the universe to study in. In fact, only the one Father comes for the universe. He only has this one university. The aim and objective is also only one. Only the Father comes and purifies the whole universe. He teaches yoga. This is for those of all religions. He says: Consider yourselves to be souls. He is the Father of the whole universe, Incorporeal God, the Father. So, why not call this place the Spiritual University of Spiritual, Incorporeal God, the Father? You have to think about this, do you not? People of the whole world are such that not a single person knows the Father. If they were to know the Creator, they would also know the creation. Only from the Creator can the creation be known. The Father explains everything to the children. No one else knows. Rishis and munis also say, "We don’t know". So, the Father says: Previously, you didn’t have the knowledge of the Creator or creation. The Creator has now explained it. The Father says: Everyone also calls out to Me: Come and give us peace and happiness, because there is now sorrow and peacelessness. His very name is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. Who is He? God. How does He remove sorrow and give happiness? No one knows. Therefore, write it so clearly that people can understand that only Incorporeal God, the Father, gives this knowledge. You should churn the ocean of knowledge in this way. The Father explains: All human beings have stone intellects. He is now making you into those with divine intellects. In fact, those who get at least 50% or more marks would be called ones with divine intellects. Those who fail are not those with divine intellects. Rama too got fewer marks. That’s why he has been shown as a warrior. No one understands why Rama has been shown with a bow and arrow. Shri Krishna has been shown slaying everyone with a swadarshanchakra, whereas Rama has been shown with a bow and arrow. There’s a magazine that’s published in which it is shown how Krishna slays Akasur, Bakasur etc., with the swadarshanchakra. Both have been made out to be violent and have then been made doubly violent. People say: They too had children, did they not? Ah, but those are viceless deities. The kingdom of Ravan definitely does not exist there. It is at this time that it called Ravan’s community. You now explain that we claim the sovereignty of the world with the power of yoga. So then, is it not possible to have children with the power of yoga? That is the viceless world. You have now become Brahmins from shudras. Explain clearly in this way, so that human beings understand that you people have full knowledge. Even if someone understands a little of this aspect, you would understand that that one belongs to the Brahmin clan. For some, you will understand quickly that they are not of the Brahmin clan. Many types of people come, do they not? So, write: “Spiritual University of Spiritual Incorporeal God the Father”, and see what happens. You have to churn the ocean of knowledge and find the right words. For this, you need to have great tact to write something, so that people can understand that God, the Father, is explaining this knowledge here and that He teaches Raj Yoga. These phrases "liberation-in-life" and "deity sovereignty in a second" are also common. There should be such phrases that they sit in people’s intellects. The land of Vishnu is established through Brahma. The meaning of “Manmanabhav”is: Remember the Father and the inheritance. You are the mouth-born progeny of Brahma, the decoration of the Brahmin clan and those who spin the discus of self-realisation. They show Vishnu with a swadarshanchakra. They show Krishna too with four arms. How can he have four arms? The Father explains so well. You children have to become ones with broad intellects, divine intellects. It would be said that, in the golden age, as the king and queen have divine intellects so do the subjects. That is the divine world; this is the world of stones. You receive this knowledge to change from human beings into deities. You are once again establishing your kingdom by following shrimat. Baba shows us the way to become kings and emperors. Your intellects are filled with this knowledge in order to explain it to others. It is also very easy to explain the cycle: See how large the population is at this time! In the golden age, there are so few. It is the confluence, is it not? So, there would be few Brahmins, would there not? The age of Brahmins is small. After the Brahmins come the deities, then expansion continues. It is a somersault, is it not? So, if you also have a picture of the variety-form image together with the picture of the ladder, it will make the explanation clear. This knowledge of the Creator and creation will easily fit well in the intellects of those who belong to your clan. You can tell from their faces whether they belong to your clan or not. If they don’t, they listen to knowledge like a hot pan (the knowledge sizzles and evaporates as water would in a hot pan). Sensible ones will listen with attention. Once the arrow strikes the target, they will continue to come. Some will just ask questions whereas others who are good flowers will come by themselves every day; they will understand fully and then go back. Anyone can understand from the pictures that the Father is definitely establishing the deity religion. Some will understand even without asking questions. Some will continue to ask many questions and will yet understand nothing. Then, you have to explain. There is no need to make any upheaval. Otherwise, they would say: God doesn’t even protect you. Now, you also know what protection He gives. Each one has to settle his own karmic accounts. There are many who, when their physical health becomes bad, say: Protect us! The Father says: I come to purify the impure. You should also study this business. The Father makes you victorious over the five vices. Then they oppose you with even more force. Storms of vices attack with a lot of force. The Father says: When you belong to the Father, all of those illnesses will come out. Storms will come with full force. It is real boxing. They even defeat good, strong wrestlers. They say: Even though we don’t want it to happen, our vision becomes corrupted. The register becomes spoilt. You should not talk to those who have impure vision. Baba explains to the children at all the centres that there are many who have impure vision. If Baba were to mention their names, they would become even greater traitors. Those who destroy their own truth become engrossed in doing wrong things. The vice of lust grabs them by the nose. Maya doesn’t let go. Impure deeds, impure vision, impure words emerge and the activities become impure. Therefore, you have to remain very cautious. When you children hold exhibitions etc., create such methods that anyone can understand easily. The Father Himself is teaching this knowledge of the Gita. This is not a matter of any scripture etc. This is a study. The Gita book is not used here; the Father teaches here. It is not as if He picks up any books in His hands. Where did the name, ‘The Gita’, come from? All of those religious scriptures were created later on. There are so many sects and isms. Each of them has its own individual scripture. Whatever branches and twigs, small sects and isms exist, they all have their own scriptures etc. So, they are all children. Liberation cannot be attained from them. The Gita is remembered as the most elevated jewel of all the scriptures. There would also be the ones who recite the knowledge of the Gita, would there not? However, only the Father comes and gives this knowledge. It is not that He holds any scriptures etc. in His hands. Neither have I studied the scriptures, nor do I teach them to you. Those people study them and then teach others. Here, it is not a matter of the scriptures. The Father is definitely the knowledge-full One. I show you the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures. The main ones are the four religious scriptures of the four religions. Is there any scripture of the Brahmin religion? There are so many things to be understood. The Father sits here and explains all of this in detail. Human beings have such stone intellects and this is why they have become poverty-stricken. The deities were in the golden age, the palaces there were built of gold and there were mines of gold. Now there isn’t any real gold. The whole story is based on Bharat. You deities had divine intellects; you ruled the whole world. You have now remembered: We were the masters of heaven; we have now become the masters of hell. We will then become the ones with divine intellects. This knowledge is in the intellects of you children. You then have to explain it to others. According to the drama, your parts continue. Whatever time passes, you would still be inspired to make accurate effort. The faces of the children who have the intoxication that God Himself is inspiring us to make effort in order to make us into the masters of heaven remain firstclass and radiate happiness. The Father also comes to inspire you children to make effort for your reward. Only you children know this. No one else in the world knows. God inspires you to make effort in order to make you into the masters of heaven. Therefore, you should be happy. Your faces should be really firstclass, radiating happiness. By having remembrance of the Father, you will remain constantly cheerful. Only by forgetting the Father do you wilt. By remembering the Father and the inheritance, you become those who radiate happiness. You can understand each one from the service he or she does. The Father receives the fragrance of the children, does He not? There is fragrance from worthy children and a bad smell from unworthy children. In a garden you would only want to pick fragrant flowers. Who would pick uck flowers? Only by remembering the Father accurately will your sins be absolved. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t be defeated in boxing Maya. Pay attention so that no impure words emerge from your mouth. Never have impure vision, or carry out impure acts or have impure behaviour.
2. Become a first-class fragrant flower. Have the intoxication that God Himself is teaching you. Stay in remembrance of the Father and remain cheerful. Never wilt.
May you become knowledge-full by knowing the account of making effort and receiving its reward and move ahead at a fast speed.
This is the time for creating the reward of a long period by making effort. Therefore, become knowledge-full and move ahead at a fast speed. Do not think in this that if not today, tomorrow, you will change. That is called carelessness. Until now, BapDada has been the Ocean of Love with the love of all relationships. While seeing and hearing of the children’s carelessness and ordinary efforts, He gives extra help and extra marks and makes you move forward. So, become knowledge-full and take the benefit of the special blessing. By maintaining courage and thereby receiving help.
Those who become servants of matter are unhappy, and so, become conquerors of matter.

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